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Trauma Center: Plaga Mortis
Trauma Center Plaga Mortis Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Visual Novel, Action Simulator
Series Trauma Center
Predecessor Trauma Team (Main Series)

Trauma Centermon (Overall)

Trauma Center: Plaga Mortis is an upcoming Visual Novel, Action Simulator game for the Visus Sphere. It is the next entry in the Trauma Center franchise and the first one not worked on by Atlus although they do provide some direction.


Taking place 4 years after the events of Trauma Team the world has had a chance to recover from the epidemics of the past; GUILT, Stigma & Rosalia. Caduceus has lead an almost political revolution having the world focus on cracking down on the phantom companies behind these epidemics and has been going through internal investigations of its own staff to ensure that corruption had not seeped in since the Stigma incident.

Meanwhile over in the calm North around Washington a pair of young new surgeons have come to aid a hospital on its last legs to prove that if medical care is given up in the area that it will severely damage the overall health. However in doing so the two new surgeons along with their assistant, Natus delve into an economical super giant's plot to use a pathological super virus to make the world bend to its will.


Gameplay returns to standard Trauma Center Game Styles in which the player controls a surgeon performing various operations on a number of patients. Operations can take place along the body although are primarily exterior or on an internal organ. The player will have a number of tools at their disposal to help them in their surgical tasks; Antibiotic Gel, Syringes, Sutures, Drains, Lasers, Ultrasounds, Scalpels & Foreceps as well as the new Retractor instrument which provides slightly more complex gameplay.

Most procedures don't have time limits and instead test the player by having the patient slowly lose their vital health which is represented by a bar in the top left that changes from Green to Yellow to Orange and then to Black if the patient dies. In addition a few new aspects to the Health Bar have been added; Orange for Allergic Reactions, Blue for Fluid Suffocation, Grey for Heartstop (returning) and White while using the Healing Touch.

The player will not only encounter physical trauma such as Hemorrhages, Burns, Lesions and Tumors but also Viral outbreaks of the Messorems (the game's main viral antagonist). Dealing with the surgeries the player will earn a rank depending on how well they performed the operation and can replay episodes of chapters after they've been completed once.

There are five possible ranks to achieve when completing an episode that depend on how the player performs.

  • C - Junior Surgeon
  • B - Specialist
  • A - Senior Surgeon
  • S - Master Surgeon
  • XS - Surgical Master

Major Characters

Character Description
Charlie Lexing
Maria Teaks
Natus Genedict
Riley Nicholas
Fiorina Chevon
Elenea Salazar
Valerie Blaylock
Markus Vaughn
Robert Hoffman
Derek Stiles
Angela Thompson
Orphiles Ebson
Aberdine Calmos
Wimberley Juminie
Anderson Verton
Julius Kai




Messorem Indicators Symptoms Target Body Part
Ventus Trauma Center

Loss of Breath

Heavy Breathing


Loss of Conciousness

Internal Lacerations

Creating Tumors

Blowing Away Sutures


Stomache Aches


Coughing up Water

Internal Bleeding

Creating Tumors

Creating Oily Film around Organ


Below Average Temperature

Loss of Conciousness

Copper in the Blood

Internal Lacerations

Halting Blood Flow

Freezing Metals

Dividing into smaller components

Small Intestine

Gravely Voice

Large Foreign Objects

Inability to Digest Food

Creating Tumors

Solidifying Tissue

Internal Lacerations

Leaving Foreign Objects in Tissue


Decreased Iron in Blood


Loss of Conciousness



Creating False Doubles

Attaching itself to the Bloodstream






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