This is the archive of the former Transparent news site.


The company is participating at Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015. The last presentaion (at the Halloween Showcase) was a disaster, we're hoping this time it will be (much) better.


Some weeks ago I said that we will not reveal any projects before the showcase, but exactly this happened now. It's MARIO KART 9, which has been announced 1 year ago at the Halloween Showcase, and now it will be finally implemented. (The page name is partially in caps because other article names are already taken.)


Transparent Interactive will be participating in the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase. We will keep our presentation secret until the showcase, so, no prevew.


The reboot will take place on September 23. I've decided that the name DreamStar will be used as a brand after the company rename. Starsoft's further existence isn't clear yet.


This company will get a reboot (new name, etc.) in the next days, the further existence of the name DreamStar isn't clear. What we want to do with Starsoft, I don't know yet.

Mario Party 10 Logo

Patch 1.1 for MARIO PARTY 10 has been released. It fixes several bugs and adds DLCs*.
*DLCs are Dreamstation Plus-exclusive.


DreamTV, a premium multimedia service for Dreamstation Plus has been discontinued. We are working on another service that will replace DreamTV.


The work on Paper Mario: Legend of the Star Gate has been paused, because I run out of ideas. I'm currently working on Patch 1.1 for MARIO PARTY 10 and on another title which is unpublished yet.

We're planning to release Patch 1.1 for MARIO PARTY 10 in the next weeks, which will fix bugs and adds DLCs! This DLC-Packs contain boards from previous Mario Party-games and new characters!

We're planning a patch for the Dreamstation-Plus-version of MARIO PARTY 10, which will fix several bugs and unlock a new secret feature. The release is planned for July.

After one month of inactivity I'm back now. I said all my datas are lost, so I have to redo all unpublished images and artworks :(
I noticed that Osiris looks very differnt since my last visit. It seems like the territories are redistributed, so I have to build a new Yoshitopia. But that will be no problem. I'm so glad to be back here :)

I'll be inactive till June, because my computer is broken. The hard drive is completely f*****, so I will lose all my datas :(

With a little delay:


The Luma Engine is our new game engine based on Unreal Engine 4. It will be used in all upcoming games.

Hello! In the past we used different game engines for our games (e.g. Unity, Unreal). But tomorrow we will reveal our own engine, which will be used on all upcoming games. Stay tuned for more information.

DSC@FCS2015 poster


All new facts about Dreamstation Plus and release dates will be revealed at our presentation at Fantendo Carnival Showcase 2015.

We will reveal now what new hardware stands behind Project Estrella.

DreamStar presents:
Dreamstation Plus

This new version of our Dreamstation-console will have a better CPU, a better GPU, a new revised controller and much more. More information will follow, stay tuned!


We are revealing our new hardware Project Estrella on January 24 at 13:00/1:00pm CET.

Hello and welcome back! First, I'm so sorry that the company was inactive for ca. 1 month.

We're working in a new hardware, called Project Estrella. Stay tuned for more information.


Sm3dl3 boxart-new
€ 35,99
/ $45,49 / ¥5300
€ 29,99 / $39,49 / ¥4990

Mario Party 10-New-Boxart
€ 39,99 / $49,99 / ¥5000
€ 33,50 / $40,00 / ¥4500

StarShop-DreamOS-screenshot 4

First, sorry, I was inactive for 1 month or so, but now I'm back.

MarioKart9-beta-logo Wii sports u final-logo

First, 2 announcements. Mario Kart 9 and Wii Sports U will take more time to development, so they will release in 2015.

2 news today:
MARIO PARTY 10 has been released! The release of the game has been reached. Every member of DreamStar is proud that we finished this great game now.

The release dates of Mario Party 10 have been released:
Europe: October 30, 2014
Japan: October 30, 2014
North America: November 2, 2014
Australia: November 14, 2014


More news about DreamStar connect v2.0! We put the update into a big OS update (3.0) with more new features. The entire OS will get a brand new interface, a new engine, a new design and a new browser!

New things about DreamStar connect v2.0! The new version will get a new design, a new engine, a new interface, a new browser and a secret feature which will be revealed ehen the update is available. Stay tuned for more news!

Two news today:

Super Mario RPG: 8 Grand Stars has been cancelled!
At September 13 2014 DreamStar connect , the online service for the Dreamstation will be updated into Version 2.0!

The final box art for MARIO PARTY 10 has been released!
Here it is:

Mario Party 10-New-Boxart for Dreamstation

The final box art of the Dreamstation version.

Mario Party 10-New-Boxart

The final box art of the Wii U version.