Developer(s) Toucan
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single player


Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Download
Transformice U is an enhanced Wii U port of the online Flash game, Transformice. It is developed by Toucan and published by Nintendo as a downloadable title on the eShop in 2013.


To play this game, at least one Wii U GamePad must be used.

Wii U GamePad

  • Left Stick/Control Pad - Move, duck
  • B - Jump
  • Touch Screen - Select/summon object
  • zL - Rotate object counterclockwise
  • zR - Rotate object clockwise
  • Y - Yellow anchor
  • X - Blue anchor
  • A - Red anchor
  • R - Blue rotating anchor
  • L - Toggle object collision

Wii U Pro Controller/Classic Controller

  • Left Stick/Control Pad - Move, duck
  • B - Jump

Wii Remote

  • Control Pad - Move, duck
  • 2 - Jump

Wii Remote + Nunchuck

  • Control Stick - Move, duck
  • A - Jump


The gameplay in Transformice U remains the same as in Transformice. Players will play as a mouse and they have to go through a level and get the cheese. Once the player has obtained the cheese, they must make it to the mouse hole to add it to their collection. Players can also link their original Transformice account to this game.

Shaman Items

In Transformice U, there are many different items that the shamans can spawn. Not all of these items will be in every map.

Cannon Ball

Cannon Balls will fire in the direction that the arrow is pointing. However, it will not fire upward


The Board can be used for many things such as platforms and ramps. There are small and large Boards.


The Box can also be used for many things such as stepping stones. Boxes also come in two sizes like the Boards.


The heavy Anvil can be used to hold down objects.


Spirits will make a small explosion that can push objects and mice. Unlike most items, the Spirit can be spawned anywhere on the map.


Runes will constantly push objects in the direction the Rune is pointing. A Rune can also push mice if it is solid.


Trampolines can be used to get mice to high places easily without having to wall jump.


When two Portals are placed on the map, mice and objects can be teleported between the two Portals.


The Arrow can be used to guide mice to a certain area. Arrows can be spawned anywhere on the map.


The Ball can be used as a platform if attached to an object. It can also be used as a wheel.


This item will allow you to draw a path near your mouse which can be walked on. The path will start disappearing after a short amount of time.


The Totem is a custom object that can be spawned once per map when in Hard Mode.


Anchors are used for attaching various objects together.

Red Anchor

The Red Anchor will stay in place and can freely rotate. This anchor is great for supporting bridges.

Yellow Anchor

The Yellow Anchor can only be attached to another object. This anchor will keep it's rotation but can move freely.

Blue Anchor

The Blue Anchor will rotate and move freely. It can only be attached to another object.


  • Original - Play the original online mode using Nintendo Network. A second player can join in if there are two Wii U GamePads. 1-2 players.
  • Survival - An offline game where the shaman has to knock all mice off the map. 1-6 players.
  • Multiplayer - Play with up to six players on the same Wii U console offline. 1-6 players.
  • Tutorial - Learn and practice various shaman and platforming techniques. 1 player.
  • Map Editor - Create and edit your own maps.
  • Map Database - Take a look at maps that you've created. You can also search for maps.
  • Shop - Use the cheese you've collected to buy accessories for your mouse.


Before you start a game, you can choose which types of maps you want to play. These options will not be available in Survival mode.

  • Normal - Play any of the maps.
  • Vanilla - Play only the official maps.
  • Racing - Levels that don't have any shamans.
  • Bootcamp - Play some of the toughest maps made.
  • Survivor - In these maps, the shaman has to knock all the mice off the map.
  • Baffbot - You'll play all sorts of minigames here.

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