Transformers Prime: The Game
Transformers Prime
Based off the TV show by the Hub
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
August 20th, 2012
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Fighting
Media Included Disk

Transformers Prime: The Game is an upcoming 3-D fighting game based on the TV show, Transformers: Prime. . It is a fighting game by Clover Entertainment for Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It was made partially to compete with Super Smash Ponies: Friendship is Magic. It was offically released on August 20, 2012. It is the 2nd Transformers game by Clover Entertainment.


The game has players play as many characters from the TV show. The game is a 3-Dfighting game with the option to play with 2 to 4 Transformers and the object is to battle other Transformers until the opponents' health in the opposing faction is depleted and the last Transformer faction standing wins. The game takes elements from games like War of the Monsters and expands on them. The game has 12 large arenas, like Desert, Autobot Base, Decepticon Base, Town, Highway, City, and Arctic. The enviroments are destructible and this destructiblity can be used to the player's advantage, like making buildings topple on enemies. The buildings and other structures as cover from enemy fire. Cars can be used as projectiles, and lamp posts and trees can be used as clubs. There are 6 Transformers to play as in both factions alone. There are 6 modes in total.

Of course, it can't be a Transformers game unless you can transform into a vehicle. Each character has a unique vehicle mode they can transform into for various uses, such as driving away to safety to get away from enemy fire.


Free for all

A basic, last-man standing battle. Here, factions don't matter. Just select a Transformer, choose your settings, the rate that items will appear, and an arena and you're set.

Team Battle

The classic Autobots vs Decepticons battles. Choose a faction you want to play in, choose your characters, and select an arena.

Transformers Prime gameplay

A gameplay photo of Optimus Prime doing battle with Megatron.


SINGLE PLAYER ONLY! Play as an Autobot or a Decepticon. Autobots must unravel Megatron's plan to unleash an undead army of Transformers on the world and discover the secret to Dark Energon. Decepticons need to make Megatron's plan work. A Decepticon's final boss is Optimus Prime, and an Autobot's final boss is Megatron.

Transformer Creator

A new feature in Transformers history that allows you to create your own Transformer. Select it's vehicle mode, it's weapon and choose whether it should be an Autobot or a Decepticon. And you can make its own attacks, and you can share your Transformer with your friends online. You can make up to 6 Transformers.


Fight against people around the world in 4-player matches. You can even customize your own Transformer and rise through the ranks and classes. Players can chat online.

Playable Transformers


Image Name Description Special Attack
Optimus Prime Transformers Prime
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots. He is both brave and compassionate, inspiring greatness in those who follow him. Optimus has a strong sense of justice and righteousness and has dedicated himself to the protection of all sentient life; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold his belief.

Special Attack: Power-Up

A special Power-up armor allows Optimus to deal double the damage to enemies and fly for a short time.

Bumblebee Being one of the smallest of the Autobots, Bumblebee uses his size for espionage and reconnaissance. Before he was the silent warrior he is today, Bumblebee was a nonstop chatterbox, charged with carrying the most vital Autobot communications. He was a fearless infiltrator of enemy lines who stuck to the shadows and faded into the background despite his bright yellow armor. His spirit was unbreakable and his friendly humor was invaluable during the first dark days of the war. He is the guardian of the human, Raf.

Special Attack: Stun

Bumblebee can paralyze his enemies, making them vulnerable to damage for a short time.

Arcee Prime
Arcee As a motorcycle she is capable of producing a hologram driver who looks like a female human when driverless, to help disguise her identity. She can form bladed weapons or blasters from her hands. She is the guardian of the human, Jack.

Special Attack: Speed x2

Arcee can go twice as fast as before, which can help her deal attacks twice as fast and evade enemies when she's badly damaged.

Bulkhead Bulkhead is the strongest of the Autobots. He can convert his hand into a wrecking ball. He turns into an offroad vehicle. He's pretty clumsy and is the guardian of the human female, Miko.

Special Attack: Wrecking Ball

He can turn his hand into a wrecking ball and spin around, inflicting damage on enemies

Ratchet Ratchet is the Autobot's medical Officer. He can heal any wounds the Autobots have suffered in battle. He is also pretty grumpy.

Special Ability: Heal

Will restore his own health and the health of other Autobots as well.


Custom Autobot 1

Custom Autobot 2 N/A N/A
Custom Autobot 3 N/A N/A


Image Name Description Special Attack
Megatron Prime
Megatron Megatron is the leader of the EVIL Decepticons. He is ruthless and the most powerful of the Decepticons. He HATES Optimus Prime and pretty much ALL Autobots in general. He takes pleasure in watching an Autobot suffer.

Special Attack: Fusion Cannon

Unleashes a massive laser beam from his fusion cannon, causing severe damage to enemies and buildings caught in the crossfire.

Starscream Prime
Starscream The second in command of the Decepticons. He is quite a coward, yet when he does fight, he is a force to be feared. He hates Megatron and wants to destroy him to take over leadership of the Deccepticons.

Special Attack: Carpet Bombing

Starscream turns into a fighter jet and bombs the area, causing massive damage to structures enemies in the area.

Soundwave Prime
Soundwave Soundwave was a gladiator around the same time as Megatron. He has many pet Mini-Cons who work for him. Unlike his G1 counterpart, he never talks using his own voice. He usually speaks through radio signals and recorded messages.

Special Attack: Laserbeak

Unleashes Laserbeak, who goes after enemies and inflicts damage.

Airachnid Airachnid is a twisted, spider-like Decepticon who is a collector of trophies from the heads of various species, She scanned a helicopter alternate mode, but her beast mode is actually her second robot mode in which the rotors can be unfolded and extended to be used as spider limbs for crawling. Spider-man, this is not. Special Attack: Poison Injects an enemy with venom, which depletes enemies health rapidly for a short time
Dreadwing A Decepticon that was entombed in stasis on Earth until released by Starscream. He is loyal to Megatron. He transforms into an F-35 Lightning II-like fighter.

Special Attack: Seismic Stomp

Shockwaves stomps on the grave, emitting large shockwaves that damage enemies greatly, and flattens entire buildings near the shockwaves.

Create a Transformer 2
Custom Decepticon 1 N/A N/A
Create a Transformer 2
Custom Decepticon 2 N/A N/A
Create a Transformer 2
Custom Decepticon 3 N/A N/A


Image Name Description
Unicron If you collect an orb-like item, you will summon the mighty Unicron. Unicron rises up from the ground and roars and stomps and inflicts major damage on the enemy faction.
Scraplet Don't let their adorable faces fool you. They may look cute, but in reality, they are the most dangerous vermin on Cybertron. They eat anything that is made of metal, including Transformers. But, they can now be used as the ultimate weapon on your enemies.
Dark Energon
Dark Energon Dark Energon is what Megatron was looking for in Episodes 1-5 of Transformers Prime. It has the abiity to increase your power by 3x. It can also revive dead Transformers.
Energon A highly valuable source for Transformer use. You could say it is the Cybertronian currency. It can also restore some of your health.
Allspark Collect this powerful cube, and it gives you the ability to use your special attack. It only works once each time you collect it.


This is the list of the huge arenas that are seen in the game. They mostly consist of open deserts, canyons, towns and cities. But they also have the Autobot and Decepticon bases.

Image Name Description
Jasper, Nevada This is Jack, Miko, and Raf's hometown. The actual city may be hard to see in this picture, but it's there.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas This is the largest city in Nevada, and the second largest city in the whole game, behind only Los Angeles, which is in California. Here, buildings are so large and wide that they can be used as cover. You can also destroy the buildings, which are capable of crushing your enemies in a pile of rubble if they don't get out of the way.
Desert 4
Nevada Desert The title pretty much says what this is, a desert in Nevada. Most Transformers battles on the show frequently happen here.
Los Angeles 5
Los Angeles This is the only environment not in Nevada. It is also the largest city and environment in the game. The city is full of tall skyscrapers just waiting to be toppled in a Transformers fight.
Autobot Base This is where the Autobots hang out during their spare time. It's also the place where the Autobots keep track of Decepticon activity.
Reno This is a city in Nevada that is the biggest little city in the world.

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