Transformers: Metal on Metal is an action-sandbox game by Clover Entertainment. It is the Transformers series' answer to Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The game will be released around November 23, 2014 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC, with an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 release 2 weeks earlier. Like the beforementioned games, you collect figurines of Autobots or Deceptions, place them on a base and they show up in the game. The game was made in celebration of the Transformers' 30th anniversary. It will feature different universes of the Transformers series, from G1 to the live-action movies and the Transformers Prime cartoon. The game is to be released on Christmas 2014.


The game is reminiscent in concept of Disney Infinity and Skylanders. You place a Transformers figure on the base and it appears in the game. There are different universes of Transformers mythology that will be presented in the game. Unlike Disney Infinity, any incarnation of that character can get in that universe (but you have to beat that universe's storyline first).The game will feature 3 characters in the stater pack. G1 Optimus Prime, Movie Bumblebee, and Prime Megatron.

If you want to get all the incarnations of characters in that universe, you have to buy them at your local store. Unlike Disney Infinity, you can play storylines with other people online if you desire. This'll make it easier to complete the storyline. Each storyline can be selected at different difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and VERY Hard. This adds some replay value to the storylne. Each Autobot or Decepticon has unique attributes. G1 Optimus is slower, but physically stronger. Movie Optimus Prime is faster and has better firepower. All universes are open-world. You can explore the landscapes and collect parts that you can use for the Match Creator (more on that later). 

The world is your weapon. Lamp posts and cars can be destroyed and tossed at enemies. Buildings can be used to provide cover from enemy fire until you regenerate over time (or if the building collapses from too much damage). Each character has a unique weapon. G1 and Prime Megatron have a powerful fusion cannon that can blast down buildings and enemies with ease. Movie Optimus Prime has two orange blades that pop out for excellent melee combat. Autobot and Decepticon characters also have their own unique missions specific for them. Movie Bumblebee has you racing across the city passing through checkpooints. Movie Megatron has a challenge where you have to tear down buildings and cause as much damage as possible to earn medals.

There's also the Match creator, that allows you to create any games and levels you want using parts and buildings you've collected in the different universes. You can carve the terrain, add buildings, traffic, and citizens, and design the rules and how you win. This adds some replay value so you and your friends can play your custom missions and worlds. 

Of course, it can't be a Transformers game unless you can transform into a car, and this has that. Each character has his own unique vehicle mode which can be useful for exploring the open world. Some can drive faster, some can fly, some have mounted weapons, you name it.

Each figure is part of a series of waves. Each waves consists of 10 figures each.


Adventure Mode

This is the primary mode of Transformers: Metal on Metal. You have the option to choose one of the 3 Transformers continuities to play in: G1, the original Transformers universe, Movie Universe, which consists of the live-action films directed by Michael Bay from Transformers to the upcoming Age of Extinction, and Prime Universe, which consists of the Cybertron series and the animated series Transformers Prime. This is the mode where you'll do most of the gameplay and unlock buildings, parts, vehicles, props, destructible objects and more - all of which can be placed in custom battlefields and characters in the Create-A Mode.


This is the online mode. In it, you choose whether or not you want to be an Autobot or a Decepticon, choose your character (Note: Once you pick a character, you cannot change it until the match is over) and go to war with the opposing team. Battles include, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Free-For All. Hosts of Multiplayer matches can choose whether or not to have characters from all universes playable, or make it so that for example, only Movie characters are allowed in the match, or only G1 characters are allowed in the match.

Create-a Mode

This is the mode that is the equivilent of the Toy Box Mode in Disney Infinity. Here, you can create your own missions, battlefields, arenas, and even Transformers from parts that you can collect and unlock in the Campaign. With these parts, you can create a variety of worlds. Want to battle in a city? Build it so. Want to create a jungle or arctic atmosphere? You can. Want to create a Cybertronian battleground? Go ahead.


Name Image Bio
G1 Transformers G1 series logo This is the one that started it all. This universe is centered around the 1986 cartoon show, that is now referred to as G1 for being the first universe in the series. The environments are more focused on battles in canyons and jungles. The gameplay primarily involves exploring and stealth missions.
Movie Transformers-movie-logo This universe is centered around the 4 Michael Bay films that play a more realsitic take on the Transformers. The environments tend to focus more on city battles and gameplay is involved in button-mashing melee and causing mass destruction.
Prime  Transformers-Prime2 1272858991 This universe is centered around the cartoon on The Hub, Transformers Prime and the upcoming Robots in Disguise sequel show. It is more focused around shooting rather than melee and involves more tactical precision rather than mindless destruction.


G1 Universe: Wave 1

Name Image Description Voice Artist
G1 Optimus Prime G1 Optimus G1 Optimus Prime comes with the starter pack. He is slower than the other Optimus Primes, but he is physically stronger and can take more damage. He has a plasma assault rifle. Peter Cullen
G1 Megatron G1 Megatron You have to buy him from your local store. G1 Megatron is not as powerful as Prime Megatron, but he is faster than him and Movie Megatron and he has better firepower than Movie Megatron. Frank Welker
G1 Bumblebee G1 Bumblebee G1 Bumblebee must be bought at a store. He transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle and while he is one of the physically weakest, he is good at shooting combat and is great for stealth missions. Dan Gilvezan
G1 Shockwave Shockwave 2 G1 Shockwave must be bought seperately. He has a powerful laser attached to his right arm and is physically strong. But, he is quite slow and can be easily defeated by faster Transformers like G1 Bumblebee. Corey Burton
G1 Starscream G1 Starscream G1 Starscream must be bought seperately. He has 2 strong plasma cannons on his arms and he can fly. But, it comes at the cost of being physically average. Scott Whyte
G1 Grimlock G1 Grimlock G1 Grimlock must be bought seperately. Unlike Movie Grimlock, G1 Grimlock is far more physically powerful enough to trample through drones. However, he is slow and his flame breath is mediocre. Gregg Berger
G1 Soundwave
Soundwave G1
G1 Soundwave must be bought at a store. He's is one of Megatron's top soldiers and always has as monotone robotic voice. While he's not the most powerful Decepticon physically, his weaponry is top notch. Frank Welker
G1 Ironhide
Ironhide G1
G1 Ironhide must be bought at a store. While G1 Ironhide doesn't have the tremendously powerful cannons that Movie Ironhide has, he is far more durable than his movie counterpart and can unleash a far better beating in melee. Jon Bailey

Movie Universe: Wave 1

Name Image Bio Voice Artist
Movie Optimus Prime
Age of Extinction Optimus Prime
He must be bought at a store. Movie Optimus Prime is faster than G1 Optimus Prime, has better firepower and has energon swords for melee combat, but is not as physically strong. Peter Cullen
Movie Megatron Megatron 2 Movie Megatron must be bought from a store. He is far more powerful physically than Prime and G1 Megatron, but his cannon is weaker and he is a bit slow. Hugo Weaving
Movie Bumblebee Bumblebee-in-Transformers-4-Age-of-Extinction Movie Bumblebee comes with the Starter Pack. Unlike the G1 version, he is far stronger and combat-ready. He is faster, and stronger, but has only an average blaster. Mark Ryan
Movie Shockwave 200px-Dotm-shockwave-1 Movie Shockwave must be bought seperately. He is not nearly as intelligent or cunning as G1 Shockwave, but don't let that fool you. He is just as powerful. Corey Burton
Movie Starscram Starscream w He must be bought at a store. Movie Starscream is everything you want a flying Decpeticon to be. Fast, Agile, strong guns and cannons, and is slightly more capable physically than G1 Starscream Charlie Adler
Movie Grimlock
Age of Extinction Grimlock
Movie Grimlock must be bought at a store. Movie Grimlock is much faster than G1 Grimlock (and bigger, too) and has a more powerful flame breath than G1 Grimlock. However, physically, he is lesser than his G1 counterpart. Gregg Berger
Lockdown must be bought at a store. Lockdown's vehicle mode, which is a Lamborghini is incredibly fast, but not only does he have speed. He has incredible firepower and melee capabilities. Mark Ryan
Movie Galvatron
Movie Galvatron must be bought at a store. Movie Galvatron is faster than his G1 counterpart, but his power level is lesser than it. However, he has enough firepower to tear through legions of drones. Frank Welker
Movie Ironhide
Ironhide 2
Movie Ironhide must be bought at a store. Movie Ironhide is slow in both vehicle and robot mode, but he is incredibly powerfully both physically and in terms of weaponry. He has some of the best weaponry in the whole game. Jess Harnell
Sentinel Prime
Sentinel Prime must be bought at a store. He is a deadly foe that you would want to play as and not want to be in combat with. He has a durable shield, powerful combat capabilities and can rust up your character with his cosmic rust gun. Leonard Nimoy (archive audio)

Prime Universe: Wave 1

Name Image Bio Voice Artist
Prime Optimus Prime 353px-PrimeOptimus Prime Optimus Prime must be bought at a store. He is more well-rounded than the powerful G1 version and the faster Movie version. He's an in-betweener if you will. Peter Cullen
Prime Megatron Megatron Prime Prime Megatron comes with the Starter Pack. He is slower, but has incredible firepower. He can blow up buildings with his fusion cannon in 2 shots. You don't want to be in the battlefield when a player brings out Prime Megatron. Frank Welker
Prime Bumblebee Bumblebee Prime Bumblebee must be bought seperately. He is the fastest of the Bumblebees. He's not as strong as Movie Bumblebee nor is he as weak, but he has an awesome blaster. Will Friedle
Predaking Predaking Predaking must be bought at a store. He is a beast, literally. He transforms himself into a dragon that breathes fire. He is incredibly strong and is fast in dragon mode, but he is very slow in robot form. Peter Mensah
Bulkhead Bulkhead Bulkhead must be bought at a store. Bulkhead is a huge Autobot that is incredibly powerful physically and can pulverize foes with ease. But, he is slow and has average firepower. Kevin Michael Richardson
Prime Starscream
Starscream Prime
Prime Starscream must be bought at a store. He is incredibly fast in jet and robot mode alike, and has enough firepower to blast through enemies. However, his melee capablities are poor. Steve Blum
Prime Shockwave
Shockwave Prime
Prime Shockwave must be bought at a store. Much like the other shockwave, he is powerful both physically and weaponry-wise. Plus, he also has speed to go with that as well. He is pretty much the ultimate fighting machine. David Sobolov


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