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Treasure Explorer (1997 video game)

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Treasure Explorer
Developer(s) Nice Cat
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Sega Saturn, MS-DOS, PlayStation, N-Gage, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android
Genre(s) Action-adventure, puzzle-platform
Release Date(s)
WW: November 15, 1997
Series Treasure Explorer

Treasure Explorer is an action-adventure video game developed by Nice Cat and published by Sega. It was originally released in 1997 for Sega Saturn, PlayStation and MS-DOS. Treasure Explorer follows the exploits of Aaron Josh, an American archaeologist in search of ancient treasures.

The game was critically and commercially successful, selling around 6.4 million copies worldwide and earning a 92 aggregate score according to Metacritic and is considered widely influential, serving as a template for many 3D action-adventure first-person games that would follow.

A reboot of its series under the same title was released in 2009.







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