Transformers: Age of Chaos is a collaboration between Dreams Inc.Simple StudiosLaughball Interactive and Hasbro. It is a three-dimensional fighting game in a similar style to Dragon-Ball: Xenoverse.

Character Creation

Unlike other Transformer games, Age of Chaos gives the player the ability to create custom transformers. Depending on vehicle type and class, you will have the options of several types of vehicles.

Playable Characters

Name Bio Related Amiibos
902246-product-silo Optimus Prime What transformers game would be complete without the Autobot's leader himself? In his G1 iteration he is a balanced character that leans a bit to defense,he uses a 5-round hand plasma cannon in robot mode.

Unicron Trilogy=


Name Bio Related amiibos

300px-OptimusPrimeUT-Armada Optimus Prime

During the Unicorn trilogy, Optimus traded up some of his defence for speed and attack, while he also traded out his plasma handcannon for a chargable energy pistol.


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