Transfiguration Franchise

The Transfiguration Franchise is one of Nintendo's newest and hardly worked on franchise.  It is sort of like Animal Crossing because it is a game where you can control your life.  However, there is a big twist.  You earn and recieve things based on doing missions to defeat the Saiarns, your tribe's archenemies.  You defeat them by using your transfiguration powers to turn them into things, and then you can collect them.  However, there are so,me boss missions, in which you must hit them many times with your powers, and then they turn into the object you want after you hit them hard enough to reduced their health to zero. 


The story is only at the beginning, then the game throws away the story and lets you live your life.  The story is almost always that the player (you can name him/her) lives in the tribe of Tacus. (tah-cus)  The tribe is forced to be nomadic because evil monsters known as the Saiarns (child humanoid creatures who have silver skin and bright yellow eyes, sort of like the babies in The Angels Take Manhattan with yellow eyes) always attack them and force them to move.

One day, in the player's house, the player accidentally breaks something in the house.  His or her parents get mad at him or her, and the player accidentally transforms them into something. (It differs between games.  In the first game, the parents get transfigurated into toy airplanes)  The tribe realizes you have these powers, and as punishment for transforming your parents, you are forced to use your powers to fight the Saiarns to make a living. 

The story ends there, and the player builds their life.


The player has from the start of the game 0 mina (the money in the game), his or her parent's cottage, and the ability to turn enemies into mina and food (see "options" for information on food) The player goes on many mission he or she can choose to take on the Missions Board or Boss Board ( like Pok'emon Mystery Dungeon.  See 'Mission Information' for more details)  The player completes these missions by turning Saiarns into objects (by shooting purple blasts from the players hands called transfiguration blasts that travel in the direction the player wants it to travel.  When it hits a Saiarn, the Saiarns transforms) which you can pick up and use outside of missions.  For each mission completed, the player get rewards ( they can be objects which you can use outside of missions or mina ) and experience points.  Once the player gain enough experience points, he or she levels up, and is able to turn Saiarns into more objects.  The player can use mina as money for a store in the game to pay for goods in the store, or pay for services such as restaurants, painting the house, and upgrading the player's house.

Objects you can Transfigurize Saiarns Into

. Mina and food are the first thing the player can turn Saiarns into.  After leveling up some, the player can turn Saiarns into types of... (in the first game)

. furniture

. pets

. toys

. miscellaneous

. wardrobe items  (Yes, there is character customization)

. pet food

. cars

. heart capsules (if you have enough, your maximum life increases.  See "Mission Information for more details.  It is also a Cave Story reference)


. sound effects (on/off)

.delete data (there are 4 files)

. food gauge- if the player does not eat anything, the food gauge will go down slowly  It will automatically restore back to full when the player eats something.  If it reaches empty, the player is very slow and tired outside of battle.  You can turn it off, though, and eating will just make your character happy (which does nothing for the game)

Mission Information

The player has two missions boards where he/she can choose missions.  The Missions Board, where the player must defeat Saiarns to save a comrad or to stop an ambush.  The boss board has missions where the player defeats Saiarns and then fights a boss where the player must hit the boss many times and the boss turns into  the thing the player hits it when the hit is fatal.  The player at first has 4 lives, and when lost, the mission is failed.  However, there are health packs that restore one health point and super health packs that restore all of the players health points throughout the level.  The player can also increase the maximum amount of lives by having 5 heart capsules, which are in some missions. (max. 10 lives)  There is also mina on the ground sometimes.

The First Game's Control

The first game, simply called "Transfiguration" is on the 3DS.

Circle pad- move in respective direction

A or Y - jump (you can do a "double jump) or choose an option/item or place an item down

B - talk

X - items


arrow keys- fire transfiguration blast in respective direction

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