Dear diary, today it is May 7th, 2015 and I'm going to my aunt's house because I'm on a school vacation. You may wonder, a school vacation in may? Well, that was because my school got on fire. Nobody got hurt, but most of the things there were damaged. I swear that I didn't had anything to do with it. You may be asking, why I am not with my parents, well, the place were they work also got on fire and they decided to go to Florida, where they got burned up too. They are okay at the hospital, so they sent me to be with my aunt while they were healing in the hospital. Currently on a bus going to a town that I never heard about before, Trascendental Town, located somewhere in North Carolina. You may be asking my name and my name is Ajax.

[theme song]

The bus for Transcendetal Town is quite barren, there is only me, two other people and the bus driver. I decided to stare at the outside through the window and the town is just bland until I saw an interesting thing, a zombie! He was just walking alone. I just saw him for a few seconds and that was it. Nobody made a huge deal about him. Weird. I decided to name him Kylen, because that is a cool name and I think he is male so it fits. Suddenly, I see the other two people that were on the bus getting close to me and started talking to me.
???: Hi!
Oh my, it is my worst nightmare, social interaction! Uh, I tried to reply. Keyword being tried.
Ajax: Uh, hi! I am uh my name is uh, what's my name again?
Maybe that wasn't the best way to introduce yourself to a strange person.
Daryl: Hello there, Uh. My name is Daryl and this is my friend Jakira.
I guess I'm not the one that has a weird name in this town.
Ajax: My name isn't Uh, by the way it is Ajax. So, uh, why are you two coming to town?
For a second, I felt like a human being. That was a weird sensation.
Daryl: We are escaping from our town in the North. It was all boring and stuff, it was like get up, go to school, go back home and repeat, so I decided to escape with Jakira to another town.
Ajax: So, where are you two going to live here?
Daryl: Actually, that is a good question, I haven't thought of that.
Ajax: Hey, I'm going to my aunt's house so do you two want to come along to stay in there where you might be there for a time while you two try to find a new place to live?
Daryl & Jakira: Sure.
And so, the mighty television cartoon trio was formed.

[a few minutes later]

My aunt lives in a big house but in front of said house, she has a shop of old stuff. One of those things is the Autobiography of The Founder of Transcendetal Town, the only document that survived through the years that holds the proof to who founded the town. It is a quite weird book, it is about a bunch of farmers that decides to make a village in a barren spot in South Carolina, only to be expelled by an army of people using sombreros that were eaten alive by the plants that the farmers planted. Then, out of nowhere, civilization started to appear and they decided since there were 300 people living in that location that they should have a president to command the town. There were only two people that went to elections, a young man named Thomas Jefferson and a monkey. Of course, the monkey won the election and founded the city of Transcendetal Town. Uh, okay.'

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