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Dennis BS
Denice is a trainer met in Viridian City of Kanto. He is on vacation from Lumiose City, Kalos. He teaches the player how to capture Pokémon.

Pokémon used




Dratini Level 5


Denice can be battled after getting the National Pokédex.

Delphox BS Delphox level 71 GreninjaBS Greninja level 71 Chesnaught Chesnaught level 74
Staraptor BS Staraptor level 71 Florges BS Florges level 71 Dragonite BS Dragonite level 71

Upon being defeated, he goes to Professor Oak's lab and gives you one of the Kalos starter Pokémon, as shown in the table below. Afterwards, Denice can be battled an infinite number of times.

Chespin BS*Chespin
  •  LV7
  •  Grass type
Fennekin BS*Fennekin
  •  LV7
  • Fire Type
Froakie BS*Froakie
  • LV7
  • Water Type

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