A game featuring mechanics a kin to Shin Megami Tensei while featuring Pokémon and Pokémon mechanics. A strange shadow organization is somehow forcing the area around them into a deep sleep, except for humans housing weird creatures called Pokémon. Some humans the monsters inhabit become subjugated by the desires of the monster they hold. They are called "trainers." A few humans, called "Masters," seem to act independent of the crowd awakened. The shadow organization seeks to kidnap the trainers and "eradicate the will of humanity in everyone harboring Pokémon." Masters, however, come in to intervene, and find out how they're bringing forth this trainer awakening.


As stated, this is a kin to Shin Megami Tensei and Pokémon.


A turn based rpg where, if you encounter an enemy, you're thrust into battle against 1 to 6 enemies. Speed determines the order of who goes when, enemies have specific resistances and weaknesses, and you have access to a standard attack, skills, items, guarding, tactics, switching, and escape. However, masters, who have Pokémon of their own, can command up to five other trainers into battle. Any other trainer captured are sent out of the area. Masters have their own team that can fit up to five different trainers. Depending on what master encounters an enemy, they're team will be brought into the fray first. You can switch which master is out on field out of battle or in the middle of battle (though it costs a turn). If a trainer loses all of their health in battle and isn't treated before the battle is over, they will be discarded from your team. If a master loses all of their health, its game over.


Capturing is the process of turning a trainer to your side. There is a chance for capturing to fail. That chance will decrease with how low their health is and whether they have a status ailment. Masters can't be captured.


Certain trainers and masters can encounter evolution, a process resulting in a change of Pokémon, body, and stats. A lot of trainers and masters evolve through multiple level ups, but there are some that require different methods to evolve.


-Evan: the young starting protagonist master. He houses an eevee, and when trainer awakening occurs, he sports brown, leathery armor and knuckles bearing iron claws.

-Lucas: the first experienced master Evan encounters and older brother to Lou. Teaches him the first things he needs to know about being a master. Houses a Lucario and is experienced in martial arts. In awakening, he wears a blue gi and studded gauntlets.

-Lou: younger brother to Lucas and best friend to Evan. He's a master himself, but Lucas tries to keep him as far away from Awakened areas as possible. Houses a riolu. During awakening, he wears a blue gi and a set of gauntlets.

-Mimi: a teenage girl that attempts to fit in with everyone by following the latest trend, though it doesn't work out. She is a master wielding a Mimikyu. During Awakening, she wears a yellow burlap cloak over herself and wields black claws.

-Luna: singer by day, one of the Headers of Awakening when Awakening occurs. She attracts potential trainers with a concert, then Awakening occurs. She house Lunala. In awakening, she wears claw like boots, silvery clothing, and night purple mesh under a pair of sharp blades sticking out of either side resembling wings

Chapter 1

The game opens on a news report about a mass disappearance at a runway event in which survivors testify that they were enjoying the posing and elegant dresses being shown off, when they suddenly black out. When they come to, over 20 people, counting participants and audience members, seemingly vanished off of the face of the Earth, including the moody modeler, Stella, and the pristine poser, Millie. The game then opens on Evan, dressed up and ready to travel with Lou and his brother downtown to see the Twilight Enforcers' concert. He is then called and informed that Lucas has one more ticket, and Evan can call up one of his friends to meet them before they leave. Evan then has to decide who he's going to invite. Player's are prompted to decide between Bowlby (the shy kid), Charlee (the short tempered hot head), and Myrtle (the brave kid). Upon deciding, the four of you are off to concert.

Upon reaching it, Luna begins signing. Part way through, Lou goes off to get food, when, all of a sudden, audience members, cameramen, even band members, start falling asleep. Eventually, most of the people at the stadium have fallen asleep, and the ones that haven't are magically donning new clothing, monsters seem to be floating about them, and they're all acting very different. Evan himself was suddenly wearing brown leather armor and a set of iron claws. Luna, donning a silver colored outfit with large adjustable blades protruding from the shoulders, speaks into the microphone, warning them that some of the holders still awake still act according to their human's will, and that they must take down these holders, before they steel their will. Some of the nearby audience members start to close in on Evan, noticing he's not acting "according to the Pokémon's will." Suddenly, Lucas, bearing a blue gi and studded gauntlets, swoops in and seemingly instantaneously takes down the surrounding audience members, before pointing a device on their wrist at the fallen assailants and shouting "Capture!" Multiple red beams shoot out at the knocked down audience members, and they seemed to stop their attack. Evan is then thrust into a tutorial fight, Lucas leading first, where he is taught about examining the foe's strengths and weaknesses, and about switching masters and capturing. Depending on who players choose to invite, among the trainers in the tutorial fight, Evan may end up capturing Bowlby (dressed in leaf green, wielding twin green whips, and housing bulbasaur), Charlee (dressed in fiery orange, wielding a helmet sporting an iron jaw, and housing charmander), or Myrtle (dressed in ocean blue, wielding an iron shell on his back, and housing squirtle).

After teaching him, Lucas decides they need to find Lou, who's all alone with potentially dangerous trainers. The two rush towards where Lou ran off, dealing with trainers wielding rattatas, pidgeys, caterpies, and weedles. Upon reaching Lou, they find him cowering while a creature called a Riolu beats up incoming trainers, afraid and confused. Lou gets added to the party as a new master, the trio take down nearby trainers, and Lucas commands Evan to get Lou and himself out of the concert, pronto. He, however, has "business to attend to," before rushing off towards where Luna ran off to, and where almost every trainer was heading towards. Lou tells Evan that he doesn't understand what's going on, but he refuses to leave Lucas alone with these baddies. Lou rushes towards Lucas, forcing Evan to run after him.

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Tank: another master, though he doesn't trust any other master that comes near him. He bears a skuntank. In battle, in addition to his own skuntank, he uses trainers bearing a koffing and a zubat. He focuses on poisoning each member and stalling them out until they're defeated.

Ditto: the first time players meet a ditto, he copied the appearance and fighting style of Lucas. After dealing enough damage to him, the ditto exposes itself, revealing itself to be a man wearing a pink body suit with an inkblot over the chest. It shape shifts into various masters and/or trainers present in the party, except for a few occasions in which they copy people the heroes know. Its resistances and weaknesses change based on what they copy. They take a turn to turn into something. They have to transform back to their original state before taking another form, and that takes a turn.


First boss: at the end of the first chapter, players must fight a group of enemies that change depending on your first choice. If you chose Bowlby, you fight Charlee, an electric type, and a water type. If you chose Charlee, you fight Myrtle, a ground type, and a flying type. If you chose Myrtle, you fight Bowlby, a rock type, and a ground type.

Lex: a manager that houses a snorlax. He sends snorlax in front of him to absorb damage form the heros while Lex himself boosts himself with some of his own moves. Deal enough damage to snorlax, and you'll be able to attack Lex himself.

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