"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 9: Cold Hearted

Satia quickly leaves the backyard before anybody shows up.

{Wolff's Room, 8:30AM}

On the news they talked about the death of Orian and Wolff was impacted.

"I am soo sorry, Wolff." Cryed Lily.

Wolff was crying unable to even speak, then they get the news that Selite drowned in the pool, Wilhelm burst into tears.

{School of Ron, Backyard}

"How did it happened?" Cryed Wilhelm.

"I'm not sure this has never happened before, at this school." Replied Investigator.

[Theme that plays: ]

"Wilhelm, I am very sorry truly sorry." Said Wolff.

"We are truly sorry as well." Said Incanter and Lily.

"I am just so sad, my sister was very close to me, it will be hard to get used to her not being here anymore." Replied Wilhelm.

They take the body to the graveyard and her funeral begins, they berried her, even though Wilhelm and Selite were not siblings, they respected each other like that and cared for one other like that as well.

"Sister, where ever you are, I hope you have peace." Says Wilhelm to her tombstone and leaves with the others.

After that classes were cancelled due to the death.

[Theme ends]

{School of Ron, Satia's Room, 12:00PM}

"Teeheehee, all went well, all went well." Said Satia to herself in her mind.

"Now its time to get rid of the other one and it'll be easier to over power Wolff." Added Satia.

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