"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 8: Confrontation/Wolff's Comeback

[Theme that plays: ]


"Whats worst is that you wanted to make my life worst by becoming my teacher." Added Wolff.

"No, no, thats not-" Said Satia but was interrupted by Wolff.

"No, I don't want TO EVEN HEAR IT!!!" Yelled Wolff.

"NO, YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME, I am your teacher here *pushes Wolff to the wall a bit* and if you know whats good for you, you will obey." Said Satia.

"I can destroy your dreams in a blink of an eye, unless you cooperate, that is." Added Satia.

Wolff felt hopeless, but did not lose his calm in front of his sister.

"I will do what ever it takes to make sure you don't do that Sis." Replied Wolff and goes back into the class room.

[Theme ends]

Satia wonders what he will do but she continues on with her class, after class Wolff goes back to his room.

{Wolff's room, 8:00PM}

"I am so sick of this, how am I to support this?" Asked Wolff.

"Don't worry as long as you have us, you'll be ok." Replied Incanter.

Wolff sighed but then he went to sleep to await the next day.

{School of Ron, Backyard, Pool area, 7:30AM}

Selite was around the pool area and Satia appeared.

"Hey you, your one of Wolff's friends here isn't that right?" Asked Satia.

"Yes I am, I feel disgusted by your ways Ms. Sonata-no wait someone like you doesn't deserve respect, Satia." Replied Selite.

"Look, you stupid little girl, you have no idea who you are messing with." Said Satia.

[Theme that plays: ]

"Yes I do, really, I am messing with someone sick in the head who blames others for the death of her boyfriend." Says Selite.

Satia is outraged by that comment.

"YOU have no idea what your talking about so shut up." Yelled Satia.

"NO, I will not, on the news today I saw that "Orian Sonata" the father of both you and Wolff died." Said Selite.

"And what?" Asked Satia.

"I am sure YOU killed him." Added Selite.

Satia is impacted.

"You are a crazy little girl." Said Satia.

"And your a horrible person that doesn't deserve to be loved." Said Selite.

Satia grabs Selite and throws her into the deep of the pool.

".....Help.....No......How cou...ld" Says Selite.

Selite struggles to live but she starts to drown to the bottom of the pool and dies.

[Theme ends]

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