"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 7: "Ms. Sonata"

The next day a new teacher came and was in training to teach "Major Writing Class", in which you use your best skills to make new poems and stories.

{School of Ron, Room 789, Major Writing Class, 10:00AM}

"Hello students, I would like you all to meet your new teacher, Ms. Sonata." Said Galbon.

"Hi." Said the class.

Lily, Incanter and Selite were in that class and they remembered the last name of Sonata, but they didn't think it was Satia.

"So Students, I hope your all ready for this, you will have to try very hard and learn a lot to pass this class." Said Ms. Sonata.

They did there work and were coming up with a poem Ms. Sonata assigned.

"Students, this assignment is due in 2 days, please make sure it is ready by then." Said Ms. Sonata, seriously.

The bell rang and they left the class.

{School of Ron, 4:30PM, Wolff's Room}

"No what a day, this new teacher Ms. Sonata is a pain." Said Incanter.

Wolff, was confused.

"What?, Ms. Sonata?" Asked Wolff.

"Yes, Ms. Sonata was the teachers name." Said Lily.

"She looks very strict, actually." Commented Selite.

Wolff wondered could that in fact have been Satia, but then again she wouldn't like teaching.

{School of Ron, Room 789, Major Writing Class, 5:30PM}

Its was Wolff's and Wilhelm's turn to meet this teacher now.

"I wonder how is this teacher like?" Asked Wolff to Wilhelm.

"Not, sure but we will find out soon enough." Replied Wilhelm.

[Theme that plays: ]

They entered the class, Wolff looked at the teacher, he was completely impacted, it was none other then Satia his sister.

"Ahh, Wolff I guess I will be having you as a student in my class then." Said Satia.

"So this, is your sister Wolff?" Asked Wilhelm.

"Yes, she is." Replied Wolff.

"But anyways, class will begin please take your seats." Said Satia.

"SATIA!" Said Wolff, he almost never calls his sister by her name.

[Theme that was playing ends]

"I wish to speak to you outside please." Asked Wolff.

"Hmm, ok then." Replied Satia.

A huge confrontation was about to begin, the students could almost tell that it was.

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