"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 6: Unlocked

Back at Orain's House, Satia arrives before she leaves to Tameron City.

{House of Orain Sonata, 1:30PM, Lorendell City}

"Father do you need your medicine?, I am going to leave today to Tameron City where Wolff is." Said Satia.

"Why?" Asked Orain.

"Give me a moment let me get your medicine." Replied Satia.

Satia goes to get his medicine and puts it in a glass of water and takes out a little bag of powder, which is venom.

[Theme that plays: ]

"You'll have to die here alone, like you deserve, father." Said Satia to herself in her mind.

She goes and gives it to him, he drinks it.

"So then you wanna know why? am I right then?" Asked Satia.

"Yes..I *cough* want to know why you are going, he should be alone over there he didn't want you to go." Said Orain.

"Well, look its like this I am going to make sure his dreams are crushed and ruined, and I will get rid of anyone that gets in my way, father." Replied Satia.

Orain is impacted to hear the way Satia is speaking.

"How, ...could you...*cough*" Said Orain.

"And that sadly includes you, father." Says Satia.

" my drink?" Asked Orain in pain.

"I put your death in it." Replied Satia with an evil grin.

"Y..ou..have disappointed me...satia...*coughs blood out*" Said Orain, in pain and dies.

Satia looks at her father's dead body there, and a single tear drops out of her eyes, but she leaves the area, she gets on a plane to Tameoron City.

[Theme that was playing ends]

{Tameron City, restaurant 1:38PM}

"But anyways, I think my sister blames me for it as she has always acted like she hates me." Said Wolff to others.

"But, it wasn't your fault its not fair that she blames it on you." Said Incanter.

"Well, it might be because you were the one that knocked on the door and not Alex am I right?" Asked Lily.

"Yes, I think that is why." Replied Wolff.

"By the way, with all this we never asked what is your sister's name?" Asked Wilhelm.

"Its, Satia Sonata." Replied Wolff.

Lily froze when she heard that name.

"...Satia...?" Asked Lily, in fear.

"Yes, why whats wrong?" Asked Wolff.

"I could have sworn that Galbon was talking to her, this morning." Replied Lily.

They all wondered for what, then they went to there classes and night fell once again.

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