"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 5: The Trail Continues

The next day, Selite and Incanter take Wolff to meet Lily and Wilhelm.

{School of Ron, room 338, 11:00AM}

When they step inside the room they see them.

"Ohi." Said Lily and Wilhelm to Wolff.

"Hi, uhhh I'm kind-of new here, its nice to meet you two." Replied Wolff.

"Likewise." Said Wilhelm.

"Sure." Also said Lily.

After that they all thought about going to a restaurant and eat, since classes didn't start till very later on.

{House of Sonata, Lorendell City, 11:30AM}

Back at the House where Satia is, she is impacted and wants to go to where Wolff is, she from this point on thinks only of destroying all of Wolff's goals.

"Hello?, I wish to apply to become a teacher there at the School of Ron, I heard you needed new teachers right?" Asked Satia to Galbon[On Phone].

"Yes, but what can you teach?" Asked Galbon[On Phone].

"Well you may train me on anything and I'll be able to learn it quickly." Replied Satia[On Phone].

"Alright then tomorrow, is that good?" Asked Galbon[On Phone].

"Thats perfect, see you tommorow." Says Satia[On Phone] and hangs up.

{Tameron City, Restaurant of Tame, 12:30PM}

Back at the restaurant, they got there only in time for lunch.

"Wow, this is a really big restaurant." Said Wolff.

"Yes, its one of the most famous, restaurants here in Tameron City." Replied Incanter.

"I love eating here, its awesome." Said Selite.

"So Wolff, why dont you tell us about your self?" Asked Lily.

"Well, its very sad really, I came because I couldn't stay with my sister anymore, she is very rude and mean." Replied Wolff.

"And why is that?" Asked Wilhelm.

"Its because she lost her boyfriend many years ago about 7 or so, and she hasn't been able to get over it." Said Wolff.

"How did he die?" Asked Lily.

"In a very bad car accident, my sister was going to go out with him and have dinner, which is why I guess it affected her more." Replied Wolff.

"Thats horrible." Said Incanter.

"Yes it is, they were not even able to say goodbye." Said Wilhelm.

"It just goes to show you life is short, and don't take things for granted." Also said Selite.

They continued to talk, till their food came.

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