"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 4: Broken Fuse/New Light

After Wolff left the house, Satia was yelling in anger, because she couldn't do anything to stop him, so Wolff left to Tameron City to finish his studies.

{Tameron City, 1:30PM, School of Ron}

At the school of Ron, Wolff met his teachers and his new room he would be at.

"Why, hello there, I'm Incanter your roomate next door, its very nice to meet you." Said Incanter Rudunce a student here as well.

"Hi, I'm new here and all but, I really do hope I can finish my studies and go on to better things." Replied Wolff.

"I'm sure you will, I have a sister here, her name is Lily Rudunce she is downstairs, I hope you will meet her soon, in your class later today." Said Incanter.

"Ok, I will." Replied Wolff and leaves to the outside backyard, in which there is a very large pool and much grass.

Outside Wolff meets a girl named Selite Hover.

"Hi, I'm new here, nice to meet you." Said Wolff.

"Oh, hi." Replied Selite.

"Whats wrong?" Asked Wolff, because he sees sadness on her face.

"Well, its just that I wish I could get into the pool, but I don't know how to swim." Replied Selite.

"Can't they teach you here?" Asked Wolff.

"Its, not that simple, Wolff." Replied Selite and she continues.

"I have a condition in which I am not able to swim or even learn how to." Said Selite.

"Oh, I see." Said Wolff.

"If I were to fall into the pool, I would never be able to get out, in other words, I would drown." Said Selite in a very sad tone.

"Well don't worry there are many other things at this school to worry about anyways right?" Asked Wolff.

"Hee hee, yah I guess so." Replied Selite.

"Well then, how bout you tell me a bit more of your self?" Asked Wolff.

"Sure, I have 4 friends here, and I'm a straight A Student here." Replied Selite.

"Ah, and what are there names?" Asked Wolff.

"Incanter, Lily, Wilhelm and you now." Replied Selite with a smile.

"Ah, well now I need to meet Wilhelm and Lily." Said Wolff.

The Class bell rings and there classes start and lasted till 8:00PM, night fell and it was time to sleep and continue tomorrow.

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