"Trail Of Lies" (Final Theme: )

Chapter 30/Final: Closing Cost

Back at the Lobby...

{Fintel, Lobby, 10:55AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

"Hello, where may I find the room "The Greats" are staying at?" Asked Missyfoo.

"Well I think that they are all in Wolff's room you should go there it's on the 3rd floor." Said the Bellboy.

"Ok, thank you." Replied Missyfoo.

She goes to the 3rd floor to confront the trio once and for all.

{Wolff's Room, Fintel, 11:00AM}

Someone knocks on the door, Incanter goes to open it.

"You 3 are such idiots if, you thought you could get rid of me." Said Missyfoo.

"What are you doing here Missyfoo?" Asked Lily.

"I am here to settle something once and for all." Replied Missyfoo.

"And what may that be?" Asked Wolff.

"Tsk-Tsk-Tsk." Said Missyfoo.

"Brother did you really think I was going to die in jail?" Asked Missyfoo.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

The trio is impacted to the max, they now relies that Missyfoo is Satia Sonata.

"Noooo, How did you get out HOW?" Asked and Yelled Wolff.

"Its a very long story, but the fact is that I'm going to finish you off once and for all brother." Said Satia.

She pulls out her gun and points it to Wolff's head.

"This is your end, this is what you deserve!" Yelled Satia and shoots, but Incanter gets in the way which hits him in the chest.

"INCANTER!!" Yelled Lily.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Police come up to the 3rd floor, Satia makes a run for it, Wolff follows.

"SATIA GET BACK HERE!" Yelled Wolff.

"NO!" Yelled Satia.

She runs to the left side of the 3rd floor hallway to the big window, Wolff catches up to her and they see eye to eye and the police is just behind Wolff, she gets real close to the window.

"Satia don't jump out the window." Said Wolff crying.

"No, I won't return to jail, I never liked it." Explained Satia she shoots a police man and the police run after her.

"This is our last meet, farewell Brother." Said Satia and jumps out the window falling slowly.

She falls to her death and is crushed on the floor impaled by the ground and dies on the spot, Wolff crys and Incanter is taken to the hospital.

{5 Months Later...}

[Theme Ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

The 3 go to Satia's grave and take her flowers one last time.

{Graveyard, Satia's Tomb, 10:10AM}

"Satia, if only you were good and not evil, you would still be here with us." Said Wolff to Satia's Tombstone.

"I just hope that you rest in peace." Added Wolff and asks Incanter and Lily that they should go back to the house.

{Later, that day...}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{House of The Greats, 12:00PM}

"Wolff I know that even after all these months you still wish your sister was here but at last, we did all we could to stop her but it never worked." Explained Lily.

"Yes I know, and don't worry, I'll be ok." Replied Wolff.

"Well then should we order some food?" Asked Incanter.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Yelled and Asked Wolff.

"We are going to a hip new restaurant down the street, fool." Added Wolff.

Lily laughed and was happy that Wolff is feeling better.

"Ok then people lets go to the restaurant." Said Lily with joy.

"Lets." Said Incanter.

"Come on then what are you waiting for?" Asked Wolff.

The 3 went to the new place to eat, forgetting all the evil and misery they had in the past and now with a smile welcome the new good times they are to have, bringing a true end to this, ...trail of lies.

[Theme ends]

{FIN} (Ending Theme: )

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