"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 3: Blast from the past

It was the next day, and Satia remembered, that one day she said to her self, it was the worst day of her life.

{FlashBack(Satia's), 2003, 7:00PM}

It was the day Satia's Boyfriend was going to take her out for dinner.

"I am sooo like happy that today will be the day I, like go out with my boyfriend, GIRL I AM SOO NERVOUS!!!" Said Satia to Rebecca[On Phone].

"Well, you don't have to worry, it'll be awesome, just be yourself with, Alex and you'll see your self married with him, GIRL YOU CAN DO IT!!!" Replied Rebecca[On Phone].

The Doorbell rings.

"Girl, I need to leave, yah he's here, WISH ME LUCK!!! BYE!!! <333" Said Satia and hangs up.

Satia opens the door only to find out that it was not Alex but Wolff.

"Hey, have you seen Alex, Wolff?" Asked Satia.

"No, was he suppose to come today?" Asked Wolff.

"Yes he was." Replied Satia.

Hours pasted and without a trace of Alex, it turns out he was killed in a car accident, when Satia heard the news she was devastated and was drowned in tears.

{FlashBack of Satia ends}

{House of The Sonatas, 10:00AM}

Wolff gets up out of bed to find Satia, still in her room on her bed crying in tears.

"Satia?" Asked Wolff.


"You have to calm down, Satia you can't be like this, it isn't good for you." Said Wolff.

"You!! Don't understand how I feel, YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND TRUE PAIN!!!." Yelled Satia and Pushed Wolff out of her room.

Wolff was angry at Satia's ways of acting it has been so long since the death of her boyfriend, Wolff thinks she should be over it by now.

After several hours Satia comes out of her room, Wolff tells her that he is going to leave to a Dome School in which you live at the school to get the highest education.

"No, why would you leave, you can't." Said Satia.

"No, I am sorry, but I must go, I cant be here with you sis, you will not change and its best if I leave so that I may continue with my work and studies." Replied Wolff.

"If you take one step out of this house with your stuff I will not let you back in." Said Satia seriously.

"That is fine." Says Wolff and leaves out of the house.

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