"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 29: Rise of the Despair

Missyfoo goes back to her house and thinks over what she will do tomorrow.

[Theme that plays: ]

The next day...

{Casa de los Balnado, 7:00AM, Tameron city}

Missyfoo goes to the living room to see her butler.

"Madam, you called?" Asked the Butler.

"Yes, I did, and I wanted to tell you, that *slowly pulls out a shot filled with venom* your services are no longer needed." Replied Missyfoo.

"MADAM ARE YOU MAD!" Yelled The Butler but is injected by the shot.

"I want to tell you some things,*Pushes him to the sofa making him fall* like how I got to be the person I am today, rich and famous." Explained Missyfoo.

"Ma..dam what..are you talking about..?" Asked the Butler as the venom is slowly killing him.

"I got to this place by killing." Replied Missyfoo.

"W..hat?" Asked The Butler in fear.

"You see I killed my husband, Geodano Balnado with venom, just like you and my father." Replied Missyfoo.

The butler is impacted to the max.

"Who....was your father?" Asked the Butler as he was about to die.

"My, father...was Orian Sonata." Replied Missyfoo.

The Butler dies as soon as he hears that name.

Missyfoo then leaves the house and goes to Finorgemo City for a final round with Wolff and Co.

[Theme ends]

{Finorgemo City, House of The Greats, 8:00AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

"I am so glad you left that job sis." Said Incanter.

"I am too." Replied Lily.

"The good thing is that at least you tried to be there for a while." Said Wolff.

"Yes, but Missyfoo was and is very demanding and evil I couldn't handle her ways anymore." Commented Lily.

"Anyways I was bound to quit, sooner or later." Added Lily.

"Well, lets forget about it now, we are ok away from her now anyways, we should go to Fintel for lunch today." Said Wolff.

"We haven't been there for a while now." Added Incanter.

"Ok I guess we can go." Said Lily.

The 3 went to fintel and ordered rooms for the night to stay.

{Fintel, Finorgemo City, 10:30AM, Lobby}

"Lets go to my room and talk for a bit." Said Wolff.

"Ok then." Replied Lily.

"Alright then." Also said Incanter.

{Wolff's Room, Fintel, 10:50AM}

"The hotel hasn't changed much has it?" Asked Incanter.

"No it hasn't." Replied Wolff with a sigh.

"It brings back so much memories." Added Lily.

[Theme ends]

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