"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 27: Bridge to Unlockments

{Lily's Office, School Of Ron, 10:00AM}

"Your boss seems a bit odd, sis." Said Incanter.

"Why?, she is very well behaved and is very rich." Asked and Said Lily.

"I don't know she is just odd." Explained Incanter.

[Theme that plays: ]

They all went out to a restaurant just like old times to eat.

{Tameron City, Acceleration Restaurant, 11:30AM}

"So how has life been for you here, sister?" Asked Incanter.

Lily face-palmed, she doesn't understand why Incanter misses her so much.

"I've only been gone for 3 days, Incanter." Replied Lily.

"Well sorry, it's not my fault for worrying about my sister." Added Incanter.

"Lily, you have to understand that of course, Incanter will get worried, you are his sister." Said Wolff.

"I know, Wolff and I admire it, but I am big enough now to take care of myself you know." Said Lily.

"Well, I know one things for sure, that if my sister was good, and not malicious then things would be much different." Said Wolff sadly.

"Don't worry Wolff we are your brother and sister now." Said Lily.

"Thanks guys you two are the only family I have left in this world." Replied Wolff

[Theme ends]

Back at Missyfoo's House.

[Theme that plays: ]

{Casa de Los Balnado, Missyfoo's room, Tameron City, 12:00PM}

It is the house Of Missyfoo Balnado aka Satia, and it is very big and nice, she makes a call to the school of ron.

"Hmm, thats weird no one is picking up." Says Missyfoo in her mind.

The Butler comes in.

"Madam, do you need anything else, so that I may have the rest of the day off?" Asked Jeff the Butler.

"No, there is nothing that I need from you, that is fine you may leave." Replied Missyfoo.

"Ok, then madam I am off." Replied the butler and leaves.

Missyfoo is troubled by this fact and decides to go to the school of ron to find out what is going on.

[Theme ends]

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