"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 26: Turnabout Inpatient

The next day, Wolff and Incanter arrive at the School Of Ron.

{School Of Ron, Lobby, 9:45AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

"This is the lobby, as I remember it from many years ago." Said Wolff.

"Yes, it is." Agreed Incanter.

Just then, Missyfoo appears, she does not remember them because they have changed a lot, from the past 8 years.

"Hi, I am owner of this school, what may I do for you?" Asked Missyfoo.

"Well, we are here to see Lily Rudunce." Replied Incanter.

"Why, who are you two?" Asked Missyfoo.

"I am Wolff Sonata, and he is Incanter Rudunce." Replied Wolff.

Missyfoo, is impacted, having her brother this close and his friend as well, she remembers all the bad they did to her.

"You mean, Lily is your sister?" Asked Missyfoo with despair.

"Yes she is." Replied Incanter.

Missyfoo feels lied to, she couldn't believe she had the same Lily Rudunce that knew Wolff and Incanter.

"Well if you two are here to see Lily, I will take you to her right now." Said Missyfoo.

"Why, thank you Ms. Balnado." Replied Wolff.

Missyfoo, takes them to Lily's office.

{Lily's Office, School Of Ron, 10:00AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

They see Lily and are happy.

"Oh my goodness, WOLFF, INCANTER!!!" Yelled Lily with joy.

"HI, Lily." Said Wolff.

"Hello, sister." Also said Incanter.

Missyfoo looks at all of them.

"Well then, I guess I should go, I am a very busy person, it was nice to meet you Wolff and you too Incanter." Said Missyfoo.

"Likewise." Replied Wolff.

"Same." Also Replied Incanter.

Missyfoo leaves the room.

[Theme ends]

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