"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 25: Principal Duty

[Theme that plays: ]

The next day, Lily wants to make an announcement to the school of ron in the auditorium.

{Auditorium, School Of Ron, 8:00AM}

Lily goes to the stand and begins to announce.

"Hello all students of School Of Ron, I am your new principal, and I wish you all good luck in finishing your studies and duties." Announced Lily.

"As well as, I will come to each class and assist with anything I can." Added Lily.

Everyone clapped they liked Lily's style of being, after that all students returned to their classes and Lily to her office.

{Finorgemo City, House of The Greats 9:00AM}

"Wolff, I'm worried about Lily, she doesn't do well being alone and I think we should go visit her." Explained Incanter.

"...Incanter she only left yesterday I'm sure shes fine." Replied Wolff.

"Well, I am not." Said Incanter madly.

Wolff was getting fed up with Incanter's way.

"Ok fine then we'll go tomorrow to visit, OK?" Asked and Said Wolff.

Incanter was happy, he couldn't wait in till tomorrow though.

{School Of Ron, Lily's Office, 10:20AM}

[Theme ends]

Lily was going to make a phone call to Wolff, but Missyfoo comes in.

"Lily I need you to teach a class darling, so come with me so I may take you there." Said Missyfoo.

Lily, did not have time to object so she had no other choice, but to accept.

{School Of Ron, Room 787, 10:30AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

They enter the classroom, and see the students.

"Students, I have brought you our principal as a teacher for today, please be respectful and nice." Said Missyfoo.

"Hello students." Said Lily.

The students, replied with an "Hello Ms. Rudunce" so Lily will have to address herself as "Ms. Rudunce".

"So then I will do my best in teaching you all." Said Lily.

"You will have to of course, teach them as best as possible Ms. Rudunce." Said Missyfoo.

"I will, Missyfoo, don't you worry." Replied Lily.

Lily, thought them the basics, and as much as possible.

[Theme ends]

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