"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 2: Writers of Truth

{Lorendell City, School of Writers of now, 10:00AM, Room 115}

"Hello everybody today, we will take the poems you have wrote and read them to each other so we may all get a better feel of the poem." Said Mrs. Rupp

Everybody took out there poems, ready to share them and with a look on there eyes like fire, ready to also begin.

"Mrs. Rupp, can I share my poem first?" Asked Wolff.

"Sure, if you really want to you may." Replied Mrs. Rupp.

"Alright then." Said Wolff.

Wolff went to the front of the class so that he may begin reading it to all.

"So then." Said Wolff and began to speak.

"The moon, and the crescent are one with each, though they are not the same as one, is full and the other is only, half and there for not....complete like the other...." Read Wolff in his story.

The class was shocked, it was so true and lovely, they all clapped and cheered.

"My goodness, that was lovely, Wolff very well done." Said Mrs. Rupp.

"Thank you very much." Said Wolff, and goes back to his seat.

The rest of the class shared there poems, tho none was as great as Wolff's.

{ Satia's job}

Satia's job was to inform different people of there life savings balance, which was not the easiest of jobs.

"So sir, your balance is of 200,000 dollars, I recommend that you put up to 100,000,000 in a savings account to use it at its best." Said Satia to Mr. Goldman[On Phone].

"Well, I can do that at anytime though is that right?" Asked Mr. Goldman[On Phone].

"Yes of course, there is no problem with that." Replied Satia[On Phone].

"Thank you I will inform you next time bye-bye." Said Goldman[On Phone].

"Alright then bye." Said Satia and hangs up.

So then nighttime fell and all returned to there homes.

{House of Sonatas, 9:30PM}

"Hi Wolff, I am home." Said Satia.

"Hello sis, how was your day?" Asked Wolff.

"It was good, a bit busy though." Replied Satia.

"Ah, sorry about that." Said Wolff.

"But anyways I'm going to bed, G'night" Said Satia.

"G'night." Said Wolff and Satia leaves to bed.

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