"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 18: Moonlight

{The Next day}

{School of Fin, 10:00AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

They went back to class to learn the fundamentals, of the writing test they are soon to have.

"Everyone here, must learn how to write the correct way, and must enjoy doing it." Said Belroo.

"I think that each and everyone of you have potential, but are afraid of showing it. Added Belroo.

Cordana raised her hand.

"But with if its not that easy?" Asked Cordana.

"Well, in life nothing is easy dear, you must learn how to just continue on and to newer and better things." Replied Belroo.

"What if there is just something in your way, that just won't let you?" Asked Cordana.

Belroo was thinking why is she asking this but it just might be for an important reason she thought.

"Cordana, you have the power of changing and making a difference, and only you." Replied Belroo.

"With, that I have got to ask you all to take out a pencil so I may show you the different styles of writing." Added Belroo.

She teaches the class with ease, and thought that in 5 months they will be very well ready for their final test.

Wolff asks a question.

"What if you are not well prepared?" Asked Wolff.

"Haha, well I'll make sure you are silly, don't worry you all have 5 months to get ready." Replied Belroo.

"Oh, ok thanks." Said Wolff.

"Your very welcome." Replied Belroo.

They continued on with the class.

After the class Incanter, Wolff and Lily went out to eat.

"Lets go to, Fintelo Restaurant." Said Incanter.

[Theme ends]

Wolff and Lily agreed.

[Theme that plays: ]

{Fintelo Restaurant, 3:00PM}

"What a day, I am soooo like tired." Said Lily.

"I am too, this writing class is very hard indeed." Added Wolff.

"But its the only way we can move on." Said Incanter.

"And we have only 5 months to get ready for that test." Said Wolff.

"We'll be ready for it." Replied Lily.

[Theme ends]

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