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"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 16: Finorgemo City/"Cordana Trail"

{House of the Sonata, 10:18AM, Lorendell City}

[Theme that plays: ]

Wolff and Satia continued to talk.

"You deserve to be alone, for your ways, Satia, and this is all I will say." Said Wolff and gets his suitcase and leaves with Incanter and Lily.

In the house Satia felt alone and sad, she thought of going with them, but as a student, with a new name, "Cordana Trail" she said.

{Lorendell City Airport, 10:30AM}

"Ok, so we are ready to leave right?" Asked Wolff before they get onto the plane.

"Yes." Replied Incanter and Lily.

The 3 got onto the plane that goes to Finorgemo City, one of the best schools there is "Repelo Park Studies".

[Theme ends]


[Theme that plays: ]

{Lorendell City, 11:00AM, House of the sonata}

Satia is ready to leave as "Satia" and arrive there as "Cordana"

{Finorgemo City Airport, 12:00PM}

"So, we need to go to a hotel in the meantime." Said Wolff.

He took them to "Fintel" which is a hotel around there.

[Theme ends]

{Finorgemo City, Fintel, 12:30PM}

They made reservations and went to their rooms.


[Theme that plays: ]

At the airport, "Cordana Trail" arrives, she goes to the same hotel as Incanter, Wolff and Lily.

{Finorgemo City, Fintel, 1:30PM}

"Hi, I would like a room please?" Asked Cordana.

"For how long, madam?" Asked Trondel aka Bellboy.

"For 3 days or so thank you." Replied Cordana.

"Alright, here are your keys madam." Said Trondel.

"Thank you." Replied Cordana and goes to her room.

[Theme ends]

{Fintel, Wolff's room, 1:45PM}

[Theme that plays: ]

"I am so glad we made it, now then we should have a toast with wine." Said Wolff.

"For our new beginning." Said Lily.

"Awesome new start guys." Said Incanter.

"Cheers!" Said Lily, Incanter and Wolff.

They drank their wine and laughed.

[Theme ends]

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