"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 15: Never ending hope

{Cran Go Dan, Restaurant, 8:00AM, Lorendell City}

They made it to the restaurant, and sat at a table.

[Theme that plays: ]

"So here we may talk in peace finally." Said Wolff with relief.

"Thats true, so what school should we go to?" Asked Lily.

"I've been thinking, why not go to a new city and live there instead and then go to a school and come back?" Asked Incanter.

"That seems like a good idea." Added Lily.

Wolff thought about the idea, but it seemed a bit risky for him.

"Hmm, I'm not sure, what if Satia follows us?" Asked Wolff.

"She can't get in our way though." Replied Lily.

"We are going there to finish our, final studies, as soon as we are done we come back here." Added Lily.

"Yea, Wolff think about it, we can't let your sister get in our way, its not fair, we must continue on." Said Incanter.

"Ok, then, I guess we can go." Replied Wolff.

Incanter and Lily were happy.

"Its settled then, we are going out of here and to a new place." Said Lily.

"The question here, now is, where?" Asked Incanter.

[Theme ends]

They went back to the house to pack up there stuff.

{House of The Sonata, 10:00AM, Lorendell City}

[Theme that plays: ]

They arrive and see Satia there.

"Hmm?, where are you 3 going?" Asked Satia.

"We are going to a new School, in a nother city that is." Replied Wolff.

Satia was troubled.

"Why don't you just go to a school around here?" Asked Satia.

Wolff asks Lily and Incanter to begin packing up so they wouldn't be late, they leave and leave Satia and Wolff talking.

"Now then, we wish to not be here, Satia." Replied Wolff.

"Thats not fair though." Said Satia.

"You are going to talk about whats fair?, WHEN YOU WERE NEVER FAIR?" Asked Wolff.

"YES I WILL, Its not fair that I have to stay in this house alone." Said Satia.

Incanter and Lily came down with their stuff ready to leave.

[Theme ends]

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