"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 11: Ex-spell-ment

{3 Months Later...}

{School Of Ron, Principle's Office, 10:30AM}

"I am so sorry Wolff but I must kick you out of my school after what you did." Said Galbon.

[Theme that plays: ]

"But, it wasn't me, I am sure it was Satia." Explained Wolff.

"ENOUGH!" Yelled Galbon.

"Ms. Sonata, would never do something like that, YOU stoled 100,000 $ from the school and then put them back." Added Galbon.

"Your wrong though." Said Wolff.

"Pack, your stuff please, I don't wish to see you here EVER again." Yelled Galbon and makes police kick out Wolff of his office.

{School Of Ron, Wolff's Room, 11:00AM}

"I was kicked out for something I didn't even do." Said Wolff to Incanter and Lily.

They were sad, but then they thought of something.

"Wolff don't worry will come with you." Said Lily.

"No, you'll lose your studies here, and will have to start over at a new school." Replied Wolff.

"Thats not a big deal." Said Lily.

"No, it is, Lily." Explained Incanter.

"If we move to a new school, will have to start over again, I don't think you would want that." Added Incanter.

"I don't care, I'm going along with Wolff, you could stay here if you want, Incanter." Said Lily.

Incanter looked at Lily with stress.

"Ok, fine I'll go to then." Said Incanter.

"YAY!" Yelled Lily.

"Thanks guys, I really truly appreciate it." Said Wolff.

[Theme ends]

"So then what school are you going to?" Asked Lily.

"I was thinking of going back to my hometown, "Lorendell City" for a day or two to find out where I may go." Replied Wolff.

"Thats great, you have a house there right?" Asked Incanter.

"Yes, I do, it's really more my sister's house then it is mine." Explained Wolff.

"I see." Said Lily.

So they all started to pack up so that in a few hours they would leave to Lorendell City.

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