"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 10: Final Bouts of Wilhelm

{School of Ron, Room 578(Testing Writing Class), 7:00AM}

Satia calls Wilhelm over for a Test he needed to take.

"Yes, Ms?, what test do I need to take." Asked Wilhelm.

"Its no test at all really, *points a gun at Wilhelm* it just a final stand." Said Satia.

Wilhelm is impacted, he looked at the gun.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?" Yelled Wilhelm.

[Theme that plays: ]

"Something that should have been done a long time ago." Replied Satia and shoots a bullet to Wilhelm's chest.

"....AHHH,....You, wont get far doing this, someone will stop you I know it...." Said Wilhelm in huge pain, Satia then shoots him in the head, he dies on the spot.

Satia looks at the dead body for a bit, in disgust, then she quickly leaves.

{School Of Ron, Wolff's Room, 7:15AM}

"Hmm, has anyone seen Wilhelm?" Asked Incanter.

"No I have not." Replied Wolff.

"Neither have I, Incanter." Also Replied Lily.

They were shocked that Wilhelm has not appeared at all.

[Phone Rings]

"Hello?" Asked Wolff[On Phone].

"Yes, its me Galbon, Principle of the school, and since you and the others were very close to Wilhelm I am here to inform you that he is dead." Said Galbon[On Phone].

Wolff was impacted, Lily and Incanter wanted to know what happened.

"Ok, I'll tell the others." Said Wolff and hangs up.

"What happened, who was that?" Asked Incanter.

"It, was....Mr. Galbon." Replied Wolff.

"And?" Asked Lily.

"He..told me that dead." Replied Wolff.

Lily and Incanter were impacted by the news they just couldn't believe it, the 3 bursted into tears.

[Theme ends]

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