"Trail Of Lies" (Theme: )

Chapter 1: The Trail Begins

{1965 Lorandell City,8:00PM}

In The Streets of Lorandell City, today was the day of "Crescent" which was a half-moon, the people that lived here in Lorandell thought it was a very important day of the moon.

"I am very interested in seeing this event, Mr. Sonata, but then again I'm hoping it will be better then the last." Said Mr. Capeto.

"I'm glad you are, The Crescent Moon has been like our heart and soul here in Lorandell without it we wouldn't be complete." Said Orian Sonata.

So, once the crescent moon appeared all of Lorandell would be as crazy as they would be in new years.

{2010, Lorandell City, 9:00AM, House of the Sonata}

"WOLFF!! Get up, we need to leave to our dad's house its his B-day today." Said Satia.

"I know sis, I'm almost ready give me a few more minutes." Replied Wolff.

Satia went to get her sweater so they would leave, she was older then her brother being 28 years old and her brother being 23.

"Ok sis, I'm ready we can go now." Said Wolff.

"Finally, lets go then." Replied Satia.

They leave off to their father's house.

{Lorandell City, Sonata House of Old aka "Father of the Sonata's", 9:00AM}

"Hi father." Said Satia.

"Oh my why hello you two, I have not seen you two in a very long time now." Replied Sr. Orian.

"Dad, I brought you something that I am working on, its a draft of a poem and its called "Moon of roads", I hope you like it." Said Wolff.

"Oh why thank you son, I will try to read it as soon as possible I promise." Said Sr. Orian.

"Well we should go back to the house now, I need to go to work and Wolff needs to go to his writing school in an hour." Said Satia.

"Ah, well then, I hope you two come back to visit soon though." Said Sr. Orian.

"Well, dad dont you worry." Replied Wolff.

So they left back to their house.

"I need to go to work now, I'll see you later wolff bye." Said Satia and leaves.

Wolff goes to his school, called "The Writer's of Now".

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