Written by Buizel (Logo: Spark01)
Main Theme "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven
Original Run Sept. 4th 2010 - Oct. 1st 2010
Genre Serial Drama and Suspense
Motto "Everything you know is lies."
Total Chapters 30
Air Dates Monday-Friday/Selected Days
Status Ended


Wolff Sonata hopes that one day he will become a very famous writer and music composer, his sister "Satia Sonata" on the otherhand wishes he does not, as she has never been able to become what she wanted to be in the first place.. There will be many mix ups, confrontations and lies, in Wolff's road to dreams.

Main Characters

Wolff Sonata - Kind, nice and hard worker, brother of Satia, he wants to become a famous writer and music composer. Main Protagonist

Satia Sonata - Very cruel, sympathetic and manipulative, old friend of Rebecca in the past, does anything possible to get her way, hates Wolff. Villain/Main Antagonist

Incanter Rudunce - Brother of Lily and friend of Wolff, helps him in the many conflicts he has, enemy of Satia. Co-Protagonist

Lily Rudunce - Sister of Incanter and friend of Wolff, she as well helps Wolff with many conflicts, enemy of Satia. Co-Protagonist

Wilhelm Hover - Friend of Wolff and others, helps him in as many ways as he could.

Selite Beatly - Friend of Wolff and others, helps him in as many ways as she could.

Orian Sonata - Father of Wolff and Satia, he hopes the best for the two.

Galbon - Principle, of School of Ron, very strict but is unknown to Satia's true intentions.

Ms.Belroo - Teacher at the school inside of Fintel Hotel, helps all her students, but is unknown to Satia's true intentions.



  • The last name of the main characters, "Sonata" is also part of the main theme of the story, "Moonlight Sonata".
  • Originally, the beta name of "Trail Of Lies" was "Trail Of Moons".
  • Ms.Belroo's role is similar to that of the role of the teacher from the movie "Freedom Writers", who helps her students be something important in their life.
  • There has been many talks about many potential remakes, but as of yet none have been surfaced.

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