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Pill Diagnosis
Television is the fourth episode of the first season of Traffic Lights, written by Eve.


The news about the woman hit the television channels and doctors watch the news in the woman's presense, she hears about what happened and slowly begins to truly realize what the whole incident might be about.


Something has happened. Thoughts pump through my veins and rush to my brain, which then tells to me that I should listen to a voice that was apparently the cause for me to wake up from whatever I was doing. It's white all around, but in this moment I couldn't care less for what's happening around me since I want to be able to hear what I'm being told by one recognizable voice and many new ones.

It's the same old incident that I've heard about many times in the past. The woman was carried to the hospital, and she's now being taken care of. Figures form and they resemble what I'm hearing, they're not exactly what I thought would look like but they definitely seem recognizable. Pictures of the incident are being shown, but for some reason I can't see them. I try hard to take a peak but am uncapable to, so I attempt to imagine what's happening. Somehow, what I see is exactly what I thought I'd see; and this road seems extremely recognizable. I feel like I've been there before...

Without notice, the voices shut down and I step on the road I was just thinking of. I see a woman driving a car in the direction of another man. She skips a traffic light and hits hard, the impact is very intense and I can't help but look away. I run to the woman, and I see her face. Blood is all over, I barely am able to open her car door, it's badly damaged, and so is her body which seems to have been crushed in the impact. I reach out for her hair which I gently use to pull her from the car. I successfully do it, and lay her on the ground. I scream out for help, but no other cars are around.

I clean her face and remove the shatters of glass and wipe the blood drops away. I hold her on my arms and look at her. She looks dead to me, but I have faith she'll survive. The man's car soon explodes, and sets itself on fire. I never thought of saving the man, though now I surely don't plan to.

The woman says something; I wasn't paying attention but instantly worry about it. I ask her to say it again, but she doesn't reply. I think I might've imagined something, but it truly worries me. I scream for help, and out of nowhere ambulances arrive. They just pull her in the ambulance without asking any questions, and ignore me as if I didn't exist. Suddenly, I go back to white.

I start hearing the voices again, they're still talking about the incident, which I now realize might've been the car crash, which for some reason causes me to think of many, many things I've seen in the past hours, minutes, seconds, days? I'm not sure, I've lost account of time. I start seeing the road again, but this time I'm there as well. Everything zooms in on me holding the woman, and I soon realize what's truly happening.

I look at the woman first, and then at me. I do it on and on, until I realize. The reflection in the car's window confirms my theory, and I'm blown away; quite literally. An explosion happens, possibly the explosion from the man's car. This time with much more intensity, and I and the woman am thrown out of the screen. It hits me with so much power that I'm left feeling dizzy, white returns to me as I recall driving a car with a man by my side and being overtaken by an explosion. White noises lead me crazy and I yet again fall.

I finally begin to figure what's happening.

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