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Tumor Television
Pill is the third episode of the first season of Traffic Lights, written by Eve.


Shortly after her tumor is removed, several pills are forced into the woman's body to prevent future trouble with inner bleedings. These pills heal her, and she senses the healing and is reminded of her mother taking care of her and making her feel better after getting hurt.


Run, run, I run for cover. Something is after me, a light shines at the end of a tunnel and I sense a certain evil will come out from it to damn me. I can't help but feel fear, the slightest is enough to terrify me to death. I run, but it feels like I'm in the exact same place as I was before I ever started moving.

Motion and emotion shatter me to a such deep hollow that's darker than the whispery tunnel I find myself running endlessly in. I'm shocked and blown away by a whisper that differs from every single one I've heard in the past, a new voice meets my ears and I'm left in awe of its depths. A horde of pain battles my skin and burns to my wounds, I fall to the floor and am sucked to the light at the end of the tunnel. My mindset is to fear the light, but I realize that I'm doing something wrong.

I face the light like I'm staring it in the eyes. It doesn't scare me, but rather the other way around. My eyes speak what my mouth cannot. The light explodes, and consequently so does my courage and faith in myself and my actions. Two lights form in the place the previous one was, and I soon realize they're part of a car, that's speeding in my way. My feelings are spread across the floor as I leave everything behind and start running again. The car passes by my side, and I get in. I predicted it would run me over, but it seems I was wrong; something I should be used to be by now.

I enter the car, I drive through the tunnel. I'm now in fact moving; something I wasn't doing at all previously on foot. Big sounds invade the backseat yet again, the voice I met just a few seconds ago decides it wants to go for a drive with me. It smoothes the pain I was feeling short before, and I'm carried away from the driver seat into outside the car. I float in the air, as all my wounds are magically cured. I notice a major scar on my leg, and am reminded of something that happened in the park. My brain is aware of the past events, and I've evolved into recognizing memories, although there are not many I can run for cover to.

A new one shines bright to me, however. A pill is swallowed into me, the voice tells. I'm being cured, and bleedings should no longer be a problem for me. I'm turned into steel, I'm invicible. I stand stronger than any feelings meaning to destroy me, and I thank my mother for this. I'm sent back to the past. I see my seven year old self, previously known to me as me, however me is I as twenty, I know now.

My mother holds the past me in her arms, a tiny bruise is noticeable on her arm. She cries about it, like a little child; it's understandable. My mother tends to her wounds and kisses them, thus healing the pain with the power of affection.

The old me floats away from my mother's arms and transforms into me, the me I know myself to be, about twenty years old. Twenty years are not enough for me to feel slightly stronger than the beings surrounding me, however; I'm still scared of the things surrounding me in this world, most especially in this alternate reality that I blame myself for creating and not being able to control.

As I float higher, the tunnel begins to fade away. I'm left seeing nothing but black, just plain black. I'm too far away from any lights to illuminate me at this point. I feel tired, it's time to rest now. The sweet and caring voice tells me it will be back to visit me again soon, and so I hope. I can now rest.

The black turns into white. I was not prepared for this change, and it struct me so bad my entire world shakes and falls apart to tiny pieces, this includes myself. I stop floating and fall to the ground. I hit hard, and am knocked out. I lay in infinite sheets and shades of white, and await my next visit to the world that I expect to know better in the near future.

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