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Surgery Pill
Tumor is the second episode of the first season of Traffic Lights, written by Eve.


After undergoing her first sugery, the doctors find a tumor inside of the woman, caused by a broken bone that struct into a vein close to the heart. She hears the doctors mention the bleeding, and thinks of falling off her tricycle and hurting herself, but not feeling pain. Her memories remain the same, but her senses expand.


I open my eyes. I don't actually, I realize that I might be dead, but am I? Blurred, black and white picture of a tricycle I open my eyes to. I've seen this before, I'm aware; but what is it, and where does it come from?

I sense my mind running, I yet again feel confused, I sense a memory, a new feeling. I still feel like I'm asleep, but was I ever not? The black and white picture flies away from my radius and a whole new dimension forms, I'm teleported to my tricycle. I've definitely been here before, but I can't seem to remember. I'm alarmed by voices that start echoing within the background, I recognize these voices as well. I'm back in the park, and I see the tree that doomed me. It's there, and I'm standing here, next to my tricycle. I remember having company last time I was in this park but now I'm all alone.

I search for help, but I can't seem to walk. I'm not the one who's controlling myself in this place, I'm being controlled by an unknown force to me. It might just be my brain, or maybe these voices that echo all the time but seem to tell me nothing other than something has happened, something terrible, I am yet to find out.

I walk, my legs move across the grass that I recall having stepped on before this moment. My leg breaks, I don't know what happens; suddenly, I find myself on the floor, and my leg is drowned in a pool of blood. Blood keeps spilling, but I feel the exact same. Am I dying? What should I do? The echos turn into more than gibberish, and I start hearing.

There's a tumor inside of me. But I can see it, and it's not inside. It's outside, and it's destroying my leg. How can I fix it, how can I make it go away? I hear that I might die, I'm worried. But how could I die if this hurts close to nothing, or legit nothing at all? As soon as I notice it, the pool of blood is gone. There's just a huge scar on my leg, it's still there but at least it's not spilling blood. I somehow am able to get up, and am now able to walk. Voices are gone, and I can now control myself throughout this new reality I find myself in.

This reminds me of my first bruise. I remember feeling like I was dying, and that it was a huge deal; nowadays I feel like I could be involved in a car crash incident and easily survive without any injuries.

Speaking of incident, I run across the park for clues on what the incident the voices refer to might be. There's a car on the edge of the park, but I feel fear to come near it. I feel nervous, even depressed; there's new feelings surrounding me, I see them clearer than before. My aura is trapped, I try to escape but they pin me down to the floor and leave me there as the car approaches my dead, soulless body. I've managed to escape, but I'm still there. Mirrors shatter, a last breathe is released from my body, squashed by the car. Voices scream, I panic inside my little world. My leg is spilling blood again, I run for cover under the car keys. They're big, I sense this might mean something.

The car is a big deal, I figure out. I run, run for cover next to my tricycle. I ride it close to my tree, that's now full of blood for whatever reason. Broken bones buried next to it, I see them and for a second feel weak. I've felt this way before, it feels like I'm dying. At this point I'm aware that's impossible, as I already feel dead. In the very few last seconds, I see a vision of a car. I'm driving it, I'm not seven years old, but rather twenty. I see my seven year old self, however, next to me, and a man in the backseat. He holds my hand, as an explosion happens. I die twice, the man dies threefold.

I fade to the same old white wall that covers my vision for some moments as I fall to absence, I feel my eyes close, but soon realize they were never open to start with.

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