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Surgery is the first episode of the first season of Traffic Lights, written by Eve.


A woman is going home after a long day of working and falls victim to a violent car crash which sends her to a coma. She goes under her first surgery, in which she hears the doctors mention the violent incident, and she dreams about being young and driving her tricycle around the park and softly crashing into the trees and her friends and having happy times.


I wake up. I'm not sure of what's happening, but I see nothing but plain white. My mind is running around, I'm confused. I think it's turning to grey, but I'm not sure. My sense of color is not there, and I can't even seem to understand if this is real or not. Suddenly, I'm hearing weird things. They're called voices, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure of what's happening, I suppose I've finally woken up from sleep. I recall having a hard time at job, but I'm not sure when.

An accident has happened, I hear. It had something to do with wheels, and there were lots of screams, and many people said they had not seen as much blood in a long time. Voices bend the white wall that's covering my vision, and it breaks, thus revealing a beautiful view of a park, which I for some reason recognize being previously on.

I hear the innocent screams, and watch my friends get their very first scars. I lay there, on the ground, waiting for my mom to come pick me up and help me get up. For whatever reason I was laying on the grass, and had a slight bruise on my arm. I don't think I had ever seen blood before, so this is a completely new experience to me, and it feels horrible. Not being able to get up by myself is also a terrifying experience. I don't want to have to hold onto someone for my freedom, I don't want my freedom to be held in someone's hand. I'll always need my wings. I'm not sure of what freedom is, but the concept sounds and feels familiar to me. Speaking of wings, my friends look like angels playing together in the mud. I see one of their parents, speaking to them. Their voice is oddly familiar, I think I might have heard it somewhere before.

I'm teleported into a dark room, and there's a man dressed in black in the corner. He says hello, and asks how I am, but I'm not sure what to reply. I try to say hello back to him, but for some reason am not able to. For a few seconds, I feel trapped. Another man enters the room, this one sounds very professional in the words he speaks, but what is he doing here? I nicely tell him to go away, as I want to be alone. Both men ignore me, and act as if I wasn't there, and instead talk about something that has happened to a woman, who has apparently had an unfortunate accident. One of them seems to be incredibly sad, and I hear the second man mention him being sorry. They mention wheels throughout the conversation, and I once again find myself driving my tricycle with my friends, who I also question whether or not are real, or if I know them or not.

I once more crash into the same tree, and it all repeats. I wonder when, if ever, it will stop repeating. Suddenly, after about the fifth time of crashing into the same tree, I stop being able to get up. I feel weakness take over my body. I look around for my mother and friends, but they're not there. Where did the park go? Something is not right.

I'm inside a car, and it's driving towards two bright lights, possibly from another car, although I can't really tell, as I suddenly feel very tired and my vision's blurred. Why is this happening? I have no idea what I'm doing, or how to even drive a car. I'm still my seven year old self, why have I not transformed into my older self again? This reminds me, why am I so young, and who am I, to begin with? I slowly start hearing more voices, they float inside the car, and they're the same voices I heard before. My friend's parent is now beside me, and he tells me to drive the car. He says it wouldn't have happened if I was more careful, but I have no idea what he's referring to.

Suddenly, I hear a very loud noise, and it strikes my mind with such intensity I'm left seeing nothing but the exact same plain white I was seeing just a few moments ago. All my thoughts fade away, and so do I. I feel weak yet again... I'm leaving now. But where am I going?... I hope my friends can understand, I still want to drive my tricycle around with them.

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