Traffic is a Fighting game for the Nintendo Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It features a variety of grounded mobility as they are put on teams with one another and have to smash them beyond repair to eliminate them from the match.

Gameplay & Controls

Because it uses cars, the Wii Wheel is included. You are put on a team of cars of 5 and attempt to smash up the other cars. The vehicles have their own stats that determine how fast they can go, how much damage they can inflict, and how well they can turn. Some vehicles have unique attributes that lets them temporarily immobilize the enemy, or scatter Neutral cars. Online play is possible.

  • Turn Wii Wheel - Turn car.
  • 2 Button - Accelerate
  • 1 Button - Brake



The basic vehicle. Nothing special.

  • Speed - 6/10
  • Power - 4/10
  • Drift - 5/10


A stronger, slightly slower version of the car.

  • Speed - 5/10
  • Power - 6/10
  • Drift - 4/10


A stable, all-around vehicle.

  • Speed - 5/10
  • Power - 5/10
  • Drift - 5/10

Rest TBA...


  • San Francisco
  • China
  • Toronto
  • Sydney

Rest TBA...

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