Toy Time! is a 3D Platformer with collect-a-thon elements, created by PolishedBrain. T
he game was inspired by old-school 3D platformers, especially Spyro the Dragon and Croc. The player controls Bobby, a weird toy who must rescue his girlfriend, a cute doll named Vivian, from an evil plush monster named Grumble. The thing is, all of the game's events are happenning in the imagination of a little girl named Lisa, who owns the toys and creates stories and worlds for them to live in while she is playing.


Lisa is a little girl with a huge imagination, especially when she plays with her toys. One day, it starts raining, meaning that Lisa won't be able to play outside. Bored, she decides to pick up some toys and make up a story for them to star in. She picks up Bobby, a weird toy she received from her parents on her first birthday, Vivian, a cute-looking doll, and Grumble, a plush monster. With this, she creates the story and the world for the toys to live in: One day, Bobby decides to bring a gift to his girlfriend, Vivian. However, Grumble, who has a crush on Vivian, decides to get to her house before Bobby does. When Bobby reaches her house, he finds a note from Grumble attached to the front door, saying that he kidnapped Vivian and took her to his castle. Angry, Bobby decides to go to Grumble's Castle, defeat the monster and rescue his girlfriend.


Toy Time! has simple gameplay. You control Bobby, who can run, jump, punch, swim, etc. The goal of the game is to go into levels and collect Golden Teddies, and there are five of them in each level. Collecting enough Teddies unlocks the Boss Level. Beating the boss is required to open the next hub world (there are four hub worlds, which are all connected to a small room). Also, there are 50 Buttons scattered in each level (there are four levels in each hub, not counting the Boss Levels). Collecting all Buttons unlocks a bonus level/mini-game, and after you beat it you unlock a secret ending.


  • Bobby- The protagonist, a weird toy man who's trying to rescue his girlfriend from the evil Grumble.
  • Vivian- Bobby's girlfriend, a cute doll who was kidnapped by Grumble.


  • Toynator- A giant toy robot who was hired by Grumble to destroy Bobby. 10 Golden Teddies are required to unlock his level.
  • Jackenstein- A freaky Jack-in-a-box/Frankenstein Monster hybrid. 30 Golden Teddies are required to unlock his level.
  • Sir Iron- A toy knight, and Grumble's most powerful minion. 50 Golden Teddies are required to unlock his level.
  • Grumble- The main villain and final boss of the game. All 80 Golden Teddies are needed to unlock his level.

Worlds and Levels

  • Central Hall-The place that connects all four hub worlds.
  • Courtyard

-Sunny Field

-Great Lake

-Twilight Mountain

-Silent Cavern

  • Basement

-Frozen Temple

-Cursed Woods

-Dangerous Volcano

-Muddy Swamp

  • Library

-Blossom Hills

-Sandy Tomb

-Treasure Bay

-Jungle Ruins

  • Tower

-Treacherous Factory

-Stormy Clouds

-Dark Tunnels

-Final Tower


Buttons- There are 800 of these in the game (50 per level), and when you collect them all, you unlock Lisa's Bedroom, the secret level.

Golden Teddies- There are 80 of these in the whole game (5 per level), and they are needed to unlock the Boss Levels.

Extra Bobby- Basically the extra lives of this game.

Cookies- Bobby loves these! They refill a certain amount of his health bar.


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