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Toy Mushrooms

Four kinds of toy mushrooms.

A Toy Mushroom is a mushroom with a wind up on its head. There are four kinds of a Toy Mushroom. Super Toy Mushrooms, Toy 1-up Mushrooms, Toy 1-Down Mushrooms and Toy Poison Mushrooms. When Mini Mario, Mario has a limited time to make it through the puzzle. Mini Mario's controls are simalar to Yoshi Touch And Go and Kirby Canvas Curse.

Super Toy Mushroom

These Mushrooms turn Mario into Mini Mario.

As Mini Mario, Mario has a little bit of time before he turns back into regular Mario.

1-up Toy Mushroom

These give Mini Mario a little more time. Get as much as you can.

If you get one as Mario, nothing happens.

1-Down Toy Mushroom

These give Mini Mario less time. Avoid them.

If you get one as Mario, nothing happens.

Poison Toy Mushroom

These turn Mini Mario back into regular Mario. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

If you get one as Mario, You will turn into small Mario. (47%) You will die (50%) You will be under the effects of a starman. (3%)

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