Toy Box is an action, adventure, platform game, developed and published by Dollhouse Games released for the Nintnedo 3DS in late 2015. Toy Box is one of the few games in the 3DS to rarely use the 3D feature, using sprites rather than models, however there are some sections that use the 3D mechanic.


An elderly toy collector and creator, finally creates a doll she deems the most perfect doll on Earth, wanting to give it to her great-niece Lola as a birthday gift, she puts the doll away in a glass case on a high shelf and names it Primrose, waiting for the day her great-niece turns 10 years old. Sadly, the woman passed away before the girls birthday, and the doll remained in that glass case in her old house for years.

A passing fairy grants the elderly woman's spirit a wish, a wish that her doll would come alive and find its way to her great-niece, however, the wish wasn't specific enough, and all the dolls in her old home came alive, all in a desperate attempt to get to Lola, no matter what their condition. Primrose must get to Lola before any other dolls do, and stop the others from reaching her.

Game Play

A side-scrolling platformer with 25 levels. Here, the player battles enemy toys, rescues lost souls, and collects parts. Primrose is tasked with getting to Lola and avoid being seen by other people. Players can also collect Doll Clothes that will then unlock in the item shop. Once Primrose is united with Lola, a mode is unlocked, allowing the player to create their own Doll character, that can be played as in online mode, as well as represent the user in the games friend list. Online mode functions as an open world game, where you can battle and defeat other players, as well as build and live in a dollhouse, it's also possible to live in a dollhouse with other players, and live together as a family.

Game Modes

Story Mode

In Story Mode, the player plays as Primrose. The player can control Primrose around the town, much like a free roaming, RPG style game, however there are missions the player must complete. The player also has to avoid being seen by humans, and must defeat enemy toys and get rid of them, before the reach Lola. Through out each level the player can collect Buttons, which the player can use in the Armoire to buy new clothes and parts that can be used to create a doll after story mode is finished.

Online Mode

While playing Online, the player gets to play as their own doll character, that they get to create before going online for the first time. In online mode the player is greeted with an open world where they are free to explore with other players around the world, you can buy or create your own dollhouse and live there either by yourself or with others as a family. You can battle and challenge other players' dolls by requesting a battle, if you win the battle you may take an item from whoever you defeat, if you lose the winner can take one of your items.


In the Armoire, the player can improve and customize their dolls. Items can be bought with Buttons, or alternatively, can be found and unlocked for free in story mode and online mode.


Playable Characters

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Deemed the most perfect Doll in all existance, Primrose was created by Ruth as a gift for her great-niece Lola's 10th birthday party. Sadly Ruth passed away before her birthday and Primrose was left in the house, with the rest of Ruth's belongings. Making a deal with a passing fairy, Ruth wanted Primrose to be able to go to Lola and arrive at her doorstep with a note to Lola. However the fairy missheard, and made all of Ruth's toys come alive and they all headed to Lola's, attacking eachother in a desparate attempt to make it to her. Primrose, being the original intent of the wish, was the only one given a not, the others tried to attack her and take the note for themselves, but Primrose was able to escape, and set off on a journey to find Lola's house and fight off the other toys along the way, for she knew that as soon as one toy got to Lola, the spell would be broken. N/A


(name can be chosen)

(can be writen by the player) (varies)

Friendly Characters

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Dolly doesn't want to fight, she knows that she was not intended to come alive, but that didn't stop the others from pulling her apart. Dolly just wants to be back together again, so she can go home and be where she belongs. She was once the childhood toy of Ruth. Now that Ruth is gone it's just cold and lonely nights alone in that big old house, but she'd do anything to get that back, it's better than being torn apart. N/A



Teddy was Ruth's sister's toy when she was a baby. He is soft and fluffy, or at least, was soft and fluffy. The mad toys got to him, believing that he has stolen the fabeled note, unnawear that he didn't even want to find Lola. Teddy was, like Dolly, torn apart, his stuffing and stitches all ruined and ripped. Teddy lays down under the bed, waiting for a hero to patch him up and return him to his former self. N/A



Her beautiful lace dress, torn and shreded by the hate of the other toys. Her long black hair, plucked from her head, even missing an eye, an arm, and most of her legs, Lacey curls up and cries behind the arm chair. If only someone would help put her back together again. N/A



A tangled slinky is a useless slinky, Tumble doesn't have a mouth to talk, or eyes to see, but instead comunicates telepathically with Primrose. The other toys didn't trust him, so they pushed him down the stairs and he unfortunatly got tangled up, it's going to take forever to get him untangled again. N/A

Enemy Characters

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Esme is a doll, riddled with jealousy, she was originally intended to be the gift for Lola, but a slip up prevented her from being so, Esme's hate for Primrose fuels her to get to Lola before she does, even if the mistake might scare her. N/A



Henry was the first male doll that Ruth created, made from parts of other dolls, Ruth used him as a base to base the other male dolls off of. Looking like a Frankenstien monster doll, Henry is jealous of perfect Primrose, and wants to get to Lola first. N/A



Corina is Ruth's artistic experiment, she was testing a new style, but it sadly did not catch on, so Corina is the only doll of her kind, view her as special or a freak, Corina is determined to be with Lola. N/A



Created as a gift for Ruth's granddaughter, Emanuel was made with love, however Ruth's granddaugher was less than loving, and turned him away, "accidentally" leaving him at Ruth's house. This has since turned him into an untrusting menice. N/A



Rosa is a marionette puppet. She was made to entertain Ruth's grandchildren when they were young, she can dance and sing as well as fluently speak Spanish. However, those children are all grown up, and Lola is her last chance for love. N/A



Angus was made as a craft project during the 1950s. Angus is a talking puppet that was used for ventriloquy, however ventriloquy has become much less popular, so he has spent these recent years locked away in a toy box. N/A



An old doll made of porcelain, it's believed she had been passed down for generations before ending up with Ruth. She took great care of her, but one day Lola was visiting, and accidentally dropped her, cracking her porcelain face, since then, Porcelain has hated Lola, and wants to get to her home so she can get her revenge and murder Lola while she sleeps. N/A

Other Characters

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Growing up Ruth loved toys, as she got older she found that she could collect and create them for a living, opening her own toy shop. Into her retirement, her toy shop was closed down, and she carried on her golden years by making toys for the young ones in her family. Since she passed on, the toys in her house haven't been played with by the children in many years.



The great-niece of Ruth and a lover of all her dolls. Lola loves to play with them, look at them, and keep them safe. She is hoping to open up a toy shop like her great-aunt Ruth's one day.



A nice fairy who is hard of hearing, Fae grated a wish for Ruth... sort of.


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Rose Glasses

Rose Glasses will help Primrose see things that others can't, giving the world a pinkish hue and allowing her to see hiden things.


Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain can be used to swing across things and tie things up, the chain  can be used as a tightrope for when there's nothing to swing from.


Climbing Ivy

Primrose can use the Climbing Ivy to reach high places, the Climbing Ivy can only be used in certain place though.


Water Lily

The Water Lily is useful when crossing a body of water, Primrose can sit on it and row across, or in even deeper water she can hold on to the bottom, increasing how much air she can hold when underwater.


Tumble Weed

Tumble Weed can be used as transportation along long mostly flat surfaces, Primrose is swept up by the Tumble Weed and carried along to her destination.


Cherry Bombs

Explosive hollowed out cherries, Cherry Bombs can be thrown at enemies to defeat them, be careful not to hold onto them for too long as they might explode.


Bamboo Wall

A temporary defence, the Bamboo Wall can be set up as protection while Primrose prepares herself or heals. When the wall is struck it lets out a note.


Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade can be used rarely to defeat large numbers of enemies at once, it take an extremely long time to recharge and is best left for the final fight.


  • Melaniedollconcept

    Melanie doll concept art

    Toy Box was originally known as Dollhouse, and a doll of Melanie Martinez was going to be a guide, the game was very different from how it is now and functioned more like an Animal Crossing game, having over 200 hundred Doll villagers and special missions and goals.
    • The Melanie doll was going to be the mayor who tried to maintain the towns "perfect" status, even though all the other dolls had their own complex issues, heavily influenced by Melanie Martinez's song, Dollhouse.
  • Porcelain's name was originally Cora, named after the little girl in James Cameron's Titanic movie, who owned a porcelain doll.
  • Primrose's hair colour was not intended to be blue, the blue was due to a graphical error during production, after it was fixed it was decided that the hair should have remained blue and was then changed before the final release.