Gender None; genderless
Species Lab Experiments
Location Toxic Laboratories
Align None
Current Status Alive
Class Top-Class Defenders
FDX Robots
Ability/ies Morphing
Height 2' to 16'
Weight 200 to 1600 lbs
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality

Toxius is a "species" that are lab experiments built by the FDX droids held in the Toxic Laboratories to defend the place whilst the cyborgs are at work, and serve in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality as generic pawns to fight and also the main enemy found in the "story modes" beyond poisonous clones of the game's playable cast.  Like many generic robots, Toxius experiments do not have personalities, and therefore just work based on given commands.


Toxius are purple robots that float in the air, resembling stars somewhat in body shape.  They are made of polygons that are connected together via toxic energy, and have three glowing fingers/toes per "pentagon end" on the body.


Toxius are best known for their morphing ability, able to transform every part of their bodies into something else, like guns, spatulas, televisions, name it, as slave robots, they're able to transform into almost anything.  They can also mimic the bodies and abilities of their challengers and take on everything but their personalities, and the only difference is that they are purple.

Toxius also have other abilities, such as being able to poison on touch, lock down doors, fuse together with fellow Toxius to become stronger and larger in size, and feed upon the toxins that the Toxic Laboratories create to replenish lost health.


Toxius have no personality, simply following the commands of their FDX robot masaters, although are able to mimic the cleverness or strategy of their creators or challengers, making them formidable foes.  All Toxius do share a common train of thought: kill everyone and everything that dares invade the Laboratories for the worse, and take no prisoners.