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Toxin, the Superior Symbiote
Full Name Hunter Williams
Current Age Over 20 (currently)
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender male
Species Human/Symbiote
Location New York City
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Toxin Symbiote
Vulnerable To High-Frequency Sound, Fire and Flame-related Substances
Nationality United States
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Toxin, Test Subject 7734.
Voice Actor(s)
Scott Porter (normal),
Chopper Bernet (Toxin)
Series Marvel Ultimates
 Toxin, known as Hunter Willaims in daily life, started off as one of multiple guinea pigs for Doctor Doom's symbiote army program, but eventually turned out to be one of the most dangerous symbiote hybrids in the world.


Early Life

Not much can be known about Toxin's childhood, other than he had a somewhat happy life in south Long Island.

Some time after his 16th birthday, he was kidnapped for Doctor Doom's symbiote soldier program to advance his army and rule the world.

The Ultimate Symbiote

Hunter was one of hundreds of test subjects, each pitted with their own makeshift symbiotes; but, no matter how hard Doom tried to "adjust" his test subjects for the symbiotes, each one croaked out on him, save for a select few: each of them codenamed Agony, Lasher, Riot, Scream, and Phage. Hunter, codenamed Toxin, was the most agile and stealthy hybrid in the group, but also the most rebellious: he proved to be very resistent to some of Doom's pacification methods (a lot of the symbiotes were engineered to be weak to common weapons like electricity, ice, or energy blasts; Toxin, however, beared a genetic resemblance to Venom's original symbiote and wasn't affected by the special pacification systems Doom had in place), which complicated Doom's plans for him and the others; Doctor Doom tried throwing him into a deep chasm (inside a cave, nonetheless) and sealing him away, but Toxin escaped through an underground tunnel and returned to the symbiote labs, where he killed the others and took the symbiotes, gaining their abilities and removing the genetic flaw within the symbiotes. Unfortunately, Doctor Doom captured him shortly after to experiment upon him (and later on, mind control him).

Later placed under deep mind-control, Toxin was now Doctor Doom's puppet, obedient to every command he was given; to test his new subject, Doom sent Toxin against the Power Pack, a suprisingly young group of superheroes that were known for both their youth and their tendency to switch powers and hero names (seriously, they never usually keep their own names and powers very often), as a test run of sorts; though having quite a bit of difficulty with Zero-G's gravity power, Mass Master's density shifting, Lightspeed's superspeed, and Energizer's projection, Toxin managed to come out on top and take down all four, even when Alex (Zero-G) managed to wield all his siblings' power as Powerpax. Deciding that this new puppet would be the key to ruling the world, Doctor Doom decided to set a plan in motion that would end with him ruling over the world.

It all started when he corrupted one of the Ultron units that served Iron Man: it kidnapped Ultimates member Scarlet Witch, leading the rest of the team on a wild goose chase to find her, when she was really stored in Castle Doom the whole time; when Doom started experimenting on him, she implanted a tiny psychic inversion manipulation in Toxin's brain to help her escape when the time came.

Eventually, her little trigger kicked in and Toxin and she escaped, but not before giving Doom a horrific scar that made the thin mark he already had look like a baby scratch; after a while of travelling, they went their separate ways, with Toxin struggling to adapt to the new cravings (pickles, milk, human flesh and all that) while Wanda reunited with her brother and Brotherhood.

When he got back to New York City, he payed a visit to his family in south Harlem, intending to ask for advice on what to do with the fusion symbiote, only to find out his parents had moved away because the memories of their son being too much for them to bear in their time apart; unsure what to do now, he immediately was alerted to a 6-sided battle in lower Manhattan between the Ultimates, the X-Men, the Brotherhood, Doctor Doom's forces, the Ultron units and the remnants of the Fantastic Four. Immediately confronted by Sabretooth, Toxin had no trouble fighting off the vicious mutant, as the former had just enough brains to match his own brawn; weakening him with a saliva-filled bite, Sabretooth's healing factor couldn't heal himself fast enough because of Toxin's highly-toxic, acid-based saliva (wearing his skin down faster than it could heal), after which Toxin beat him up with club-fists then killed him with a symbiote blade.



Overall, the main appearance of Toxin is a hybrid between that of his relatives Venom and Carnage. He doesn't appear as thin-framed as Carnage nor as muscle-bound as Venom, but though he does seem of a middleweight build, he's muscular enough to appear intimidating. Like both Carnage and Venom before him, his costume has a disturbing maw on the head, but with short, almost human-sized fangs and a slightly shorter tongue than Venom (yet not short enough to be like a human's normal tongue). He wears a large 4-legged Spider-symbol on his chest, contrasting to the normal symbol, which often has 6 or more. His eyes on the costume moreover resemble Spider-Man's eyeholes than Venom or Carnage, as theirs are larger than normal.


  • Toxin Symbiote: With the Toxin Symbiote on, Hunter has many skills at his disposal. The known ones include the following.
    • ​Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Genetic Memory: Hunter can remember any memory of anyone who possesed the symbiote; so far, the only one who has worn the symbiote, other than himself, is the Scarlet Witch.
    • ESP (Spider-Sense): With the Toxin symbiote having Venom as a "parent" of sorts, he has access to the unique "Spider-Sense" that Venom has, since Venom's symbiote was originally bonded with Spider-Man.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: ???
    • Camouflage Capabilities: ???
    • Wall Crawling: ???
    • Webbing Generation: Again, with Toxin having a parent in Venom, he has access to Venom's abilities.
    • Poisonous Fangs: ???
    • Tracking: ???
  • Absorbed Symbiote Abilities: ???
    • Agony's Acid Spitting: ???
    • Riot's Blunt Weapons: ???
    • Lasher's Symbiote Tendrils: ???
    • Phage's Bladed Weapons: ???
    • Scream's Sonic Shriek: ???


  • Formerly, this version was based on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, a video game series that had massive, cataclysmic events in both entries; but now this version credits its roots to a timeline very similar to the Ultimate universe, as there were no alternative reality counterparts to Toxin.

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