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A Toxic Boo is a Boo Mixed with Very Hot Green goo (Toxic Waste) They melt what they Go through and Cant Be destroyed with Light And have a Symbol on it They Also Dont cover there faces when you look at them they are 3 times the size of a boo

Toxic Boo


Along with Being able to melt what they pass Through they can also spit Green Goo At the Victim. Damaging the Victim


They Can Be Destroyed By the following

1: Starman (obviously)

2: Fire Flower: They can Be destroyed with Fire if Hit with it35 times as it makes the boo Smaller each hit untill its nothing


Toxic Boos Cant Really Melt Everything so this is a list of what they can

Wood: they dont Go into haunted houses they would burn it down at the time they use there spit

Blocks: Every type of Blocks ? blocks Music blocks Etc.

They can melt Anything Weaker than Blocks or wood

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