Tower of Fate (SSBV Stage)
Tower of Fate
Shovel Knight Logo
Universe Shovel Knight
Availability Hidden (Unlock Shovel Knight)
Competitive Status Not Legal

Tower of Fate is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V. It is based off the location in Shovel Knight. The stage, just like Shovel Knight, has been remade in 3D.


Appearance wise, the stage is almost identical as to how it is in the Shovel Knight games, but in 3D. It involves side-scrolling as the fighters must keep up with the stage as it moves higher and higher in the tower. Various hazards are encountered during the stage. Those including different enemies from the shovel knight games etc. As the fighters get close to the top, there's a portion of the stage in which everything is blacked out and only fighter vignettes can be seen. The next portion involves the stage Boss, Black Knight, appearing to wreck havoc on fighters until he's defeated. Once defeated, the Enchantress appears to warp fighters back to beginning as the cycle begins again.

'Ω 'Omega Version (Final Destination Version)

The Omega Version of the stage is a purple tinted stone like platform floating in midair with the Tower being visible in the background.

'α 'Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)

The Alpha Version is the omega version with 3 complementary platforms laid out in Battlefield formation.



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