Tower is a board/card game played on Aeo, originating in Kresthita and spreading with the growth of the Kresthitan Empire. It made it's first playable appearance in Foregone.



Foregone 2


Tower is played on a board composed of a 9x9 grid, with the numbers 1 to 45 arranged in a specific pattern. The remaining locations on the grid are used for placing cards. Players take turns placing their pieces on one of these numbers or placing a card and activating it's effect. Certain pieces and cards earn points for the player; the game is won once a player's score reaches 400 points.

Before the game, each player draws seven cards from their deck (which can be of any size). The initial turn order is either decided before the game or by the flip of a coin. During a player's turn, they can choose to play a card or piece in any available position, dispose of a card, or simply pass. If they end their turn with six cards in their hand, they may draw a new card to return to holding seven. The other player then has their turn, until one player reaches 400 points.

No single authority exists for Tower rules, so often different cities or regions have their own rules and restrictions applied to the decks and colours of cards and pieces respectively which are allowed in their games.


Fox Deck

The Fox Deck is the standard deck of cards which the Kresthitans used in all their card games, adapted to work with the rules of Tower. Once Tower became more popular, Fox Decks with the card's Tower effects written on them started being created.

Name Effect Rarity
1 - The Dirt Does nothing (claims a usable spot, preventing either player from using that spot). Common
2 - The Flowers TBA Common
3 - The Trees TBA Very Common
4 - The Tribals Removes all adjacent cards. Very Common
5 - The Animals Removes all adjacent pieces and any points given to players by them. Very Common
6 - The Slaves Removes all adjacent cards or pieces and any points given to players by them. Very Common
7 - The People Allows a piece to be placed on top of it; if the card is removed, the tower is also. Very Common
8 - The Foxes TBA Common
9 - The Agents Doubles the points given by all adjacent towers. Common
10 - The Emperor TBA Common

Castle Deck

The Castle Deck was the first deck of cards created specifically for playing Tower. The cards themselves have names much more related to their in-game effect. While the Castle deck was adopted rather quickly, many purists remained who preferred to play solely with the Fox Deck and the Monochrome Pieces.

Name Effect Rarity

Scirevicis Deck

The Scirevicis Deck was created when Tower spread to Marais and was adopted by students of the Scirevicis Academy. Alongside the red pieces, it was used by the Scirevicis students for their own specialised rules but eventually was adopted by many players outside of the Academy.

Name Effect Rarity


Monochrome Pieces

Monochrome pieces come in black, white and grey; unlike other colours, the differences in these are purely cosmetic. These were the original pieces designed for use with the game, before it spread outside of Kresthita.

Name Effect Rarity
Tower Adds points equal to the number it is placed on. Very Common
Bomb Destroys any adjacent towers when destroyed. Very Common
Doubler Doubles the points added by all adjacent Tower pieces. Common

Red Pieces

Red pieces were created alongside the Scirevicis Deck by students of the Scirevicis Academy. Like the Scirevicis Deck, their use started confined within the Academy but eventually became much more widespread.

Name Effect Rarity


Tower Board

The Tower Board is the original board created for the game, and the most-used. A few minor variations exist on the number positioning (some people even play with the positions completely randomized) but the original remains the most commonly used.

6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 16
17 10 27
18 15 28
19 2 29
21 20 25 3 1 4 35 30 31
22 5 32
23 45 33
24 40 34
26 37 38 39 41 42 43 44 36


1 7 6 21 33 34 35
5 3 20 32 36
4 2 19 31 37
8 16 17 18 23 28 29 30 38
9 15 27 44 42
10 14 26 43 41
11 12 13 25 40 39 45

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