Tournament Mode in Super Smash Bros. K2 is one of the modes in the Versus Dojo. Up to 64 players can battle it out in a single elimination bracket.

Unlike the tournament mode in the previous games, only stock matches are avaliable this time.

New features

SSBK2 is notable for adding several new features into its Tournament Mode. These include:

  • The option to let a player pick between three characters, which they can choose from everytime its their turn to battle.
  • The option to let players carry up to four boosts. Players can choose whether to use them at the start of a match or not.
  • The option to make each round require a certain amount of wins for a player to move on. For example, a player may need to win up to 5 games in order to move on to Round 2.
  • The option to let players seed in each player's position to their liking.
  • Before Round 1 begins, each player can choose how much lives they have each round, up to five (So a skill player can have less lives than a newbie).
  • Players can now create their own tournament bracket to their liking, so some players can receive byes. The bracket can be all over the place if the players want.

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