21:56 <Leet>: guys give me name for a game about a dungeon

21:56 <Leet>: get suggesting
21:57 <Leet>: plz
21:57 <Leet>: :<
21:57 <Touko>: eh
21:57 <Leet>: "eh"
21:57 <Leet>: good idea
21:58 Touko shrugs
21:58 <Leet>: "Touko shrugs"
21:58 <Leet>: good idea
21:58 <Leet>: using it

Fantendo Chatroom

Touko shrugs is a sandbox roguelike game in which there is no main goal, but several different dimensions to explore.


Terra Amata

  • The Plains - The majority of Terra Amata is here. Several civilisations build their cities here, and it is bustling with activity but does not have very good technology, except of course in the Dwarf Fortress.
    • Dungeons of Doom - A blue dungeon, located in the middle of The Plains. At the bottom is the fabled Amulet of Yendor.
    • Dwarf Fortress - An underground castle filled with dwarves. They are constantly expanding their fortress. This building menaces with spikes of stone.
    • Elfland - A town made of trees, populated by elves. They are arrogant and easy to annoy, so you are advised to be careful here.
    • The City - The great human colony, this is where travellers from across Terra Amata congregate.
    • The Great Tower - A mysterious tower. Does somebody live at the top?
  • The Ocean - A large portion of Terra Amata, this large body of water separates The Plains and The Mountains. You'll have to have a special method of transport to cross it...
    • Serpent's Current - A random whirlpool in the middle of The Ocean. It leads into a many-floored spiral building, in which you can somehow breathe...
  • The Mountains - The second continent of Terra Amata. Quite hard to cross, you may have to wait until later to properly navigate it.
    • Angband Mines - Strange mines that morph around you as you walk.
    • Cloud Spire - A pillar of clouds jutting into the sky. Something may be at the top.


  • Station - A small amount of Moon is taken up by this facility.
  • Craterfield - The rest of Moon is a grey wasteland. Strange aliens roam it.


  • The Astral Plane
    • Mount Olympus
    • The Temple


  • The Underworld
    • Amnesia Gorge
  • Dead City
  • The Nightosphere
    • Abadeer's Castle - The dungeon of the Nightosphere's master, Hunson Abadeer. If you visit him, you may find your way out... but he isn't guaranteed to care about your pleas.


  • Olympus Mons
    • Dungeon... IN SPACE!


  • Candy Kingdom
    • Candy Castle
  • Verdant Plains
  • Ice Mountains
    • Ice King's Castle
  • Burning Lands

The Medium

  • Land of Wind and Shade
  • Land of Light and Rain
  • Land of Heat and Clockwork
  • Land of Frost and Frogs
  • Prospit
  • Derse
  • Skaia
  • The Furthest Ring


  • Ponyville
    • Ponyville Dungeon
  • Canterlot
    • Canterlot Mines
  • Changeling Kingdom
    • Changeling Castle
  • Crystal Empire
    • King Sombra's Castle
  • Everfree Forest
    • Village of the Blanks
    • Timberwolf Woods
  • Cloudsdale
    • Rainbow Factory
  • Appleoosa




Darkest Pits

The Elemental Planes



  • Path of Black Leaves - A forest in which He lives. You are not advised to go here at any point during the game, for any reason, ever.
    • NPCs
      • The Black Knight (Unique)
        • HP: Ⓧ/Ⓧ
        • Items: 20 Gold
        • ASCII Symbol: Ⓧ (Black)
        • Strategy: Unkillable. He will relentlessly hunt you down once he's seen you. Even if you escape his domain, he may follow you to other parts of the multiverse. There are no practical purposes for finding him. Stay away. Period. Special notice: When he's on screen, the music distorts heavily and bits of static block some tiles, making it unknown what is on them.

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