Touko is the main character in Golfing Siblings Rivalry if the male character is chosen and his name isn't changed. 


Being heaped with overconfidence and enthusiasm, most of Touko's efforts end in failure due to lack of effort after always coming second place. Lowly, bland and unsociable causes him to he extremely emotional and tries to take his anger out on everyday life.   


His Sister

Touko does still like his sister, but can't help that he is always the next best in their family. The two rarely communicate due to her having her own bustling social life in the media. Although he denies it, he is at least slightly jealous of his sister.


Although the outfits can be changed in the game, he wears a fishermans hat and his club is the Fish Rod. He wears a plain white t-shirt with a top button. He also wears white pants and shoes too to signify how generic he initially is.

His outfits stats are the worst in the game, this improves once you win more prize money and can buy better equipment, outfits and allocation to certain bonus courses.


Golfing Siblings Rivalry

Touko enters the golfing circuit to finally beat his sister at something once and for all, but he has to start right at the bottom in a soggy Britsh mudbath. His highest stat defaulty (as they can be changed) is Power, due to his aggression.

Once he fails miserably he decides to attempt success at other sports and after little pleasure from them his sister asks him to cover her injured-self in the Open Cup, where Touko vows not to let her down.

Stelios Scramble

If Recto is chosen, Touko is in the extra world found and can be unlocked when fought.


Jump - Hook - Touko holds his club up and gets a small boost jump and tries to hook on the end.

Combat - Ball Whack - Touko whacks a golf ball as a projectile. 

Side - Pick Up - Touko will dash to pick up a ball in a arch curving motion, knocking anyone he touches.

Protect - Putter - A small but fast putt direct on the ground until it falls off or after 5 wall bounces. He will try and reflect everything with his putter.

Finisher - Hole in One - A huge golf ball appears and a huge hole enters the middle of the stage, it goes inside the hole after Touko whacks it, trying to knock or suck players down the hole. 


  • Touko was a fisherman before he took up golfing.
    • This is represented in one of this first useable clothes.
  • His name means white, reflecting his plain personality.
  • Although Touko is usually a girls name, he is male.
    • This name was chosen to represent his plainness in being average, his plain personality and the custimozation of his plain-looking self.
    • He wasn't named after ShadowElise (tbc), rather a nickname of her choice but not originally intented to also name the golfer.

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