Here, the story of Touhou ~ Mystical Dreamcatcher can be read, this includes both the main and extra story from the players perspective and the backstory as well. The team of selected characters will be referred to as "heroines".

Both heroines find themselves in a dark area with Adon lanterns lit all around, they decide to aimlessly investigate in hopes of finding a lead. Along the way they are briefly interrupted by Hanabiko but quickly bypass the small fry. After a bit more pondering the heroines reach a clearing of pure darkness where Rinka Shadoumei appears, Rinka says she can't seem to find any nightmares in the Dream World anymore which were the only thing keeping her from fading into "the land of the forgotten", then she blames the heroines for this and a small skirmish starts, but of course the heroines win with little effort. Afterwards Rinka pouts and leads them to a strange field of shamrocks with a gate that leads into the Dream World's "Dream Corridor" where all dreams are connected, but she points out mockingly that without the key the heroines can't enter.

Now within the field of shamrocks they attempt to find this key and come across a strange fairy in hiding holding what seems to be the key, but before they can even confront the fairy it flees, forcing the heroines to chase it. While elusive the fairy is eventually cornered between the heroines and the gate to the Dream Corridor, she introduces herself as Hiraku Shamrock before pleading the heroines not to abuse the power of the Raskovnik like many others in the real world did, but with no time to waste the heroines simply treat the fairy like an item and attempt to use her to unlock the gate by force. Being a fairy, Hiraku naturally loses and is forced to use her power to unlock anything with the Raskovnik, opening the gate so the heroines can proceed.

Now in the Corridor of Dreams the heroines attempt to find the door the culprit is behind albiet with little success. However they do manage to notice a large amount of Daruma Dolls travelling en masse and decide to follow, even encountering the eyepatched daruma doll Charlotte Susisekidou, but she is defeated with little effort. Eventually the heroines are lead to a strange being who introduces herself as Setareh Shoukoufeh, a laid-back djinn who's goal is naturally to grant the wishes of all people, but it seems due to the mystical dreams being experienced by everyone that her goal has already been achieved. Of course the heroines assume because of Setareh's goal being achived, that she is the incident's culprit and Setareh agrees, saying she granted the wishes of everyone to achive her goal, with that the battle to resolve the incident begins. After some difficulty Setareh is defeated, however nothing is resolved and everyone still seems to be trapped in the dream world. With a jest Setareh reavels she lied about being the culprit because it "made her feel important", stating that everyone's dreams were indeed granted but not by her. With no more wishes to grant Setareh and the daruma dolls were simply heading towards "the forgotten land" so that they could be forgotten and live in peace. Curious, the heroines decide to enter the dream leading to this strange land, with the hunch that the true culprit may reside there.

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