Here, the profiles and spell cards of the many characters of Touhou ~ Mystical Dreamcatcher, both playable and boss can be viewed here.

Dream Team

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu Hakurei
Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Reimu Hakurei
Species- Human
Capable of- Flying in the air

The shrine maiden entrusted with keeping the Hakurei Border stable so humans from the outside world don't enter, as well as solving Gensokyo's many incidents, or at least that's what she's told.

At heart Reimu is a lazy Shrine Maiden whom more often than not only tries to resolve incidents when they affect her personally or when she's forced to do so. Even despite her hesitation to resolve this incident due to her dream of donations and having no responsibilities whatsoever, Reimu knowing that Gensokyo could be in true danger and a little urging from Doremy, decides to find the culprit to save both the real and dream worlds.

Shot Type: Homing Amulet-
Spell Card: Fantasy Seal-

Doremy Sweet

Ruler of Dreams
Doremy Sweet
Species- Baku
Capable of- Eating and creating dreams

As the keeper of the Dream World, Doremy of course wanted to solve the incident at all costs but it seemed due to the massive changes the Dream World was undergoing she had much less control over it when she had thought.

While usually one to do things her own way she eventually came to the conclusion that she needed help and merged dreams of the teams she saw most fit to resolve the insident, managing to convince an unwilling Reimu to go with her.

It's true Doremy doesn't really know many people on a personal level, but because she's seen and tasted the dreams of so many people she's a more knowledgeable person than one would think.

Magic Team

Marisa Kirisame

Ordinary Magician
Marisa Kirisame
Species- Human
Capable of- Using magic

Essensily the polar opposite of Reimu, Marisa is hardworking and brash, lies on habit and is one of the few to gain her magical powers though hard work and determination. Compared to most people in Gensokyo, Marisa is very brash and straightforward relying on powerful danmake and lasers rather than using beautifully complex danmaku, people with this mentality are often seen as in Gensokyo as "weirdos".

Residing in the Forest of Magic Marisa spends her time brewing potions, picking mushrooms and occasionally "borrowing" people's things or just visits Reimu. Only when out of boredom will Marisa solve incidents, but she had no choice in this one, so she decided to go with Alice and have a bit of fun while doing so, "after all this is the Dream World if anything bad happens I can just wake up", little did Marisa know how serious the incident truly was.

Alice Margatroid

Seven-Colored Puppeteer
Alice Margatroid
Species- Human
Capable of- Handling dolls

A dollmaker who also resides in the Forest of Magic, unlike Marisa, Alice relies less on powerful magic as she is more introverted and instead uses her dolls to attack, this is also due to the fact that she doesn't like showing her full power as that would only make her look bad if she uses it and loses.

While she is often more of a person to stay inside and create dolls, she occasionally goes outside to preform puppet shows with her dolls for the people of the human village or has sleepovers with Marisa. This particular sleepover both Alice and Marisa were dreaming when their dreams were suddenly merged for some reason, so they both decided to go on adventure, the plush doll Alice was sleeping with even seemed to become sentient within the dream.

Vision Team

Satori Komeji

The Girl even the Spirits Fear
Satori Komeji
Species- Satori
Capable of- Reading minds

A girl whose third eye has the capability to read minds, it's a power she cannot control and because people of Gensokyo and, frankly anyone dislikes having their mind read she is hated.

While her sister gave in and closed her third eye to nullify her mind reading abilites, Satori stayed ditirmined to find love and decided to live in the underworld where no one could hate her, all of her pets loved her and it seemed as if her life was well off in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, except one thing was missing, her dear lost sister Koishi.

Now Koishi was standing right before her in this mystical dream, uncertain of weather if this Koishi was her true sister or just a dream she decided to investigate, bringing along this strange Koishi with her.

Koishi Komeji

The Closed Eyes of Love
Koishi Komeji
Species- Satori
Capable of- Manipulating the subconscious

Like her sister, Koishi could read minds and received hate for it as well, however she took the initiative and closed her third eye once the hate became unbearable.By closing her third eye Koishi did successfully nullify her ability, but in doing so she also closed her mind, thus disabling her from thinking for herself.

She now wanders the world above aimlessly, every action she does is done subconsciously as opposed to being in control, people can no longer see her clearly and should she be seen she'll likely be forgotten later.

Her sister deep underground always wonders about her wellbeing and if she'll ever see Koishi again, but the true question is weather or not the Koishi accompanying her is true.



Rinka Shadoumei

Hiraku Shamrock

Satereh Shoukoufeh

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