Here, the game's litteral elements can be viewed, including the overal scheme and the character dialouges.


For their own personal reasons, the heroine sets off to find the source if the incident, accompanied by a fairy.

The heroines start on the Spring Path which is filled with faires, even running into Lily White along the way, who is announcing the coming of spring. Eventually the heroines come to a clearing and make comments on the flowers, which are all different colors and completely out of season. Pastel Rose hears these comments on her painting and gets offended, starting a skirmish.

Afterwards, the ally leads the heroine into the ominous Forest of Magic, which appears to be now infested with magic mushrooms. Halfway through the forest the heroines meets a strange poisonous fairy who follows them throughout the forest, spreading spores around in attempt to drain their motivation. Eventually they become fed up with this fairy and engage them, forcing her to introduce herself as Miasma Truffle. Miasma explains how lately the force of nature has been giving her motivation, and beacuse the heroines are attempting to rid of her energy source, she has been trying to drain their motivation in attempt to end thier investigation. Obviously a battle commences, with Miasma going back to sleep in the end.

Finally at the Misty Lake, the source of power can be seen: a giant tree radiating with life-energy. Skidding along the evening purple lake, the heroines dodge through celebrating fairies, also running into Cirno who is just as festive. Upon reaching the coast of the lake, much to the heroines' surprise the dragon, Akuma Ryuki appears. Akuma seems rather distressed, exclaiming how even her power couldn't stop the incident and the heroines are idiots for even attempting to solve it themselves. In order to prove that they can solve the chaos at hand the heroines fight Akuma, and with some difficulty they proceed.



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